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Duke Nukem Forever

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Duke Nukem forever has become somewhat of a gimic.

Previously we've seen him in a side-scrolling epic that arguable brought games of that ilk up to the current standard.

Then, we saw him in Duke Nukem 3D- the next step on from DOOM. With multiple floored environments that were relativly free-roaming as well as very interactive, the Duke Raised the bar yet again.

There had to be another Duke game, right? Wrong. Until now.

For 12 and half to thirteen years, Duke Nukem Forever (The sequel to Duke Nukem 3D) was delayed over and over again, with the developers 3D realms chasing the idea of a perfect game, until going bankrupt.

Enter Gearbox- Lifelong Duke fans, they thought that the game had to finished, bought the rights, and here we are.

And infact, here i hold in my hands.

If not for the game, buy a copy for the event- Play it, then tell us all what you think.

Is the Duke back, kicking ass and chewing bubblegum? Or does the old Geezer need a rest? Tell us what you think and discuss the game here!

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When i played the demo, i was disappointed. But i just think they put the crappiest scenes from the real game into the demo.(i hope atleast)

I have had a lot of fun playing duke nukem 3D and i miss that feeling in the demo, hopefully the demo just sucked and the game kicks ass. :)

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So I finished:

-gameplay is influenced by the new games aka: you can't carry loads of stuff anymore, health regen, very straight to the point (run there, press that button that we lit up for you, kill waves of monster, repeat)

-The guns pretty much stayed the same with some few added ones.

-the references are still awesome

It was fun playing it but for me it was to short and some things like bosses can only be hurt by explosives etc were just terrible. The rare occasions that I would die were because I tried going another way then they wanted to, and I don't know about the multiplayer but I guess that they tried making that more interesting.

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I downloaded another crack which does work. When I tuned the graphics up to ultra the game got stuck and I cant get it started anymore. So I think that was the problem the first time. I"m reinstalling and leave the graphics where they are now.

Still weird though.

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If they would have released this game on time, they would sell much more, because back then there wasn't so much pirating.

Now it's a bit ironic, after waiting sooooooooooooooo long, everyone just downloads it for free.

Though your theory is right, Duke Nukem Forever is still at the top of selling.

Top 10 week 23 UK

01. Duke Nukem Forever – Take-Two

02. LA Noire – Take Two

03. Zumba Fitness – 505 Games

04. Infamous 2 – Sony

05. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean – Disney

06. Dirt 3 – Codemasters

07. Brink – Bethesda

08. Red Faction: Armageddon – THQ

09. Call of Duty: Black Ops – Activision

10. Portal 2 – EA

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