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Win7 issue

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Not sure, but I think everyone has gta_sa.set. It's located somewhere near Documents in a dir called GTA San Andreas User Files. This file saves graphical settings you changed in-game. If you delete it the game will make a new one on startup and all setting will be back on defaults (what sometimes fixes the problem).

I can run GTA: SA normally on my Windows 7 x64. If the above didn't help, uninstall the game and ALSO delete the GTA SA dir in Program Files (/Program Files(x86)/Rockstar Games/GTA San Andreas/). It might work, but if you never added any stuff to that directory (like mods, but also MTA or SA-MP) I'm not sure if it'll fix the problem.

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The cause is nearly always the gta.set file. If you dont have one the game creates one and stores it here.

C:\Users\KingRuff\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files

It is used to store all of your config files.

Glad you fixed it though!

I know what and where the gta.set is. The thing is that unless you can get to the menu part, the game doesn't create one.

Anyway when I restarted my PC, I tried deleting the file and the d3d9.dll which didn't help a damn thing. I then reinstalled GTA and everything worked again.

Guess I'm gonna have to keep reinstalling every time I want to restart my computer.

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