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Today's update, my friends. These three things made my day.

1) My computer randomly restarts with the typical dark-blue-screen which is a synonym for: "DUDE YOUR COMP'S SO FUCKED UP YOU'LL HAVE TO FORMAT AND INSTALL IT AAAAALL OOOOOVER AGAAAAAIN". Well, luckily I restart and nothing happened.

2) I randomly can't uninstall anything O.O It seems like Microsoft Installer Service's been damaged. Not only that, but I also wasted two hours of my life playing games while MalwareByte's Anti-Malware was scanning (in order not to be connected to the Net) and nothing was found. Avira found some malicious files, but I don't notice any changes. I'm so screwed.

3) Mom's laptop started a CHKDSK scan as soon as it booted, and we suspect my sister did some really important phuck ups last time she interwebbed with it.

This is a glorious day for someone who's thirsty for money. That is, if it is that mom's laptop DOES need a solution and I CAN handle it... Maybe it's just nothing, the best of cases... Or maybe I can't fix it... That would be fucking terrible for me. Not only because I need money, but also because I need a new MP3 player and I don't want mom to pay for it AGAIN. I want to buy something myself for once.

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Tell your family to step away from the computer. They are clearly not qualified.

Certainly not. It's not the first time I have to go and fix my brother's laptop. =/

That, and the first computer I ever had worked perfectly for two years and wrecked as soon as one of my brothers started to use it.

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