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Mr. Green Gaming

Ban Request for skate and Fr3nCh_KiYlL3R

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Server: Mr. Green Zombie Survival

skate ( STEAM_0:0:38614876)

And Fr3nCh_KiYlL3R ( STEAM_0:0:41300635)

They have been constantly ghosting (I have no video evidence of this yet)

They both join at roughly the same time and one of them is always AFK (wich suggests that it might be his second account).

I've seen how French killer goes AFK and skate goes right infront of french killer (Who is AFK). Then skate goes AFK and french killer suddenly gets back to his keyboard and shoots skate, he repeats this and gets alot of kills (Topped the human scoreboard).

This happened today on ugly fort snow (Near a big window where french killer stood and waited for skate)

It also happened on House Number 23. (The zombies were having a pool party at the moment)

French killer was running around killing the (Currently AFK) skate.

I have a witness for both cases of ghosting (Tennisballesser), I asked him to record on the second ocasion but sadly he didn't have his Fraps on.

Ps: It really annoys me that he has the same nickname as me. :angry:

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This dosnt seem like a valid reason from you skate. Even you used to farm to kill howlers, I remember you asking me to go howler so you can kill me on village house quite some time.

And blue sushi using his brothers pc to farm him.

If you want him banned then you should be banned as well as long with many other people.

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I USED to farm, that was a long time ago.

And this is a ban request for French Killer and skate, Not me and Blue Sushi

(even though my ingame nick is Skate...)

you still farmed.

I farmed. Once or Twice. (Just to make it clear Darkstar warned sushi not me)

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Protip: You dont need fraps for recording. You can just record a demo by typing in console: record [playername]. Where payername is just the name how the demo is called. You also can put in a date or whatever you want it to be named :P

Recording demos is made redundant due to the zs gamemode, infinitely requesting a connection to the profiles server.
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Members are only allowed to reply to topics when they are involved.

Can we stick in this rule please? Let admins deal with this :> (They know best what to do)

Just because they have a blue name? Not all administrators are automatically skilled in banning or judging.

I remember when me, Messy and a few other people farmed a bit on Infected Wars. I told Cowchucker, and bam, nothing happened. He just said not to do it again.

Just because someone farmed in the past, Pufulet, it doesn't mean they will farm again. You don't know people, and anyone can change. You should stop acting like Judge Dredd or whoever, It may be my opinion, but it's still valid.

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