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Post Your YouTube Favorites!

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In this topic.. you post random YouTube videos that you added to your favourites, or to your favorites. AND if you didn't add them to your favorites or favourites BUT you like the video anyway, then ALSO post it. Unless this topic already exists. But I'm not gonna search for it. And I hope you won't either! :mr-green:

-You don't actually need to have the video added to Favo(u)rites, it could also be any video you like. But if you actually added it then it's usually more personal and more cool.

-It could also be from 'Videos You Rated Good'

-When you post a video here, it doesn't necessarily need to be one that is gonna blow all our socks off from laughing, it oculd also be something you like personally.

Okay anyway here are some random picked out of my YouTube favourites:

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Oh man, the irony!

That person that uploaded that video you posted, is MAST3RLINKX. It's the same person as MASTERLINKX, but that guy's acccount got deleted.

The first video I EVER saw on YouTube, was by MASTERLINKX. It was back in 2005, and no one in my school knew about YouTube yet (it would get immensely popular a while later). Back then it was such a small site compared to now, since there were barely any songs to find there. There weren't any Kanye West videos. ;-(

So, THIS was the very first video I ever saw on YouTube:


I remember I kept watching it over and over again the whole evening... classic.

And now he's uploading MY LITTLE PONY videos?????????????????????????????????

(Sorry, I just love bragging about finding that website so early :X).

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