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Red orchestra 2 - Heroes of Stalingrad

Ni pah

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I liked the first one a lot, immersive, dramatic, realist it was an unique experience and the second one will be amazing, i guess.

If you never played ro before, it's a teambased fps wich focuses on the russian/german conflicts and it's not a generic ww2 shooter, it's hard, it's dirty, you're just a sack of meat running under a rain of bullet and artillery while seeing your comrades loosing their arms.

This one will be more strategic, more epic, and as usual with the tripwire games there will be a tons of mods like the first Ro or Kf.

Go here to see some great new features ==>: http://www.heroesofstalingrad.com/about/

Here are some news vids from the fans and devellopers, all those littles details, it looks pretty neat.

PART 1 -

PART 2 -

PART 3 -

(it's against bots, so dont mind the stupid ennemies)

I'll buy it for sure but i'll need a new pc first, I hope we'll fight together comrades

Little bonus, that song shows perfectly the type of emotions you get while playing ro and i'm pretty sure it will be the same with ro2

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Screens remind me of the first Ghost Recon and Desert Siege.

Which is why I still don't understand why this game would be anything special.

This man looks incredible ordinary, why would he be anything special?

Because he invented some scientific important shizzle.

And now the reason why this game is special?

Real bullet ballistic-ironsights, immersive, actually need a lot of skill to shoot someone, innovative cover system for an fps, moral and suppression gestion and a lot of other thing.

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