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Computer upgrade time!

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It's that time of the year again! I thought I'd postpone my upgrade till 2012 (after the Radeon HD79xx series launches) but since Windows is already getting slower with booting and shit I figured I'd just do my planned case and SSD upgrade right now.

Right now my boot HDD is a Samsung Spinpoint F3 and my case is a Cooler Master Centurion 5:


Served me well these past three years.

My planned SSD upgrade is a Crucial m4:


And a new case. Thing is, I'm not quite sure what case I want yet. I'm replacing my Centurion 5 is because I want a bit more space (My HD5850 is almost too long for it, for example), but I don't want a high-tower. The new case should have a bit of a game-rig aura radiating from it without being too elaborate. It shouldn't be very expensive either.

I currently have my eyes on this baby, the NZXT Phantom:


More suggestions?

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Considering Ivy bridge ?


Nah, my Core i5 750 still performs wonders so I can easily skip another CPU generation.


Seems I can fetch the Phantom and the Crucial m4 from a nearby store for 278 euros total. Think I'll place an order soon if nobody makes any better case suggestions :P

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Id love the Phantom in white personally, but I know it would be a bitch to clean if anything gets on it.

True.. My friend had it before he moved to China, looked REALLY nice

: Just imagine that case and this keyboard


mmmm... With these fans that I have


If only I had stupidly high amounts of disposable income..

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