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Just want to show my last map

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:S Well, I want to make maps on other games.

I'm boored of the game engine and I have other reasons.

I will try to come back in MTA mapping, but its going to be very long.

Half-Life 2 mapping - Source SDK will be good :yeah:

Tho, its not a race map redactor - its a shooter map redactor, but still, if you want something more difficult then Source is for ya :pipe:.

TBH, I think that MTA is just great for you. This experience you have is just awesome. I think you shall have to keep it on. By the way, how many maps ate there in MTA anyway already? Dont tell me its 1000 or more. If yes, I am sure that a bunch of them are kinda boring. I played myself didnt like many already as they were actually boring, but I am sure those were just 80 maps I tried :P

If all those maps like this were alike I'd say that Mr. Green is king of MTA (wait, isn't it already?).

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Hey bin , maybe there is a corupted line in the .map file and the editor stop to read on that line ? If you separate the resources with scirpts and files from the .map and you load only the .map file ... all the Elements (objects , cars) are there ? If yes , start the objects resource and script in another resource and add checkpoints, if no then I guess the.map is corrupt.

Hey Mr. Darkness , I know the hammer editor a little bit, I will love to make a portal 2 map. I like to make maps on all kinds of games with a view camera near the player. Hammer is a real editor , you start from scratch, you make blocks (basic modeling) you add materials, lights, animation, static mesh (complex modelling) Same things on other editors I try like :

RED editor (red faction)

FEAR world edit

UDK3 level editor

Alex bond Worms 3D map editor (poxels modeling lol)

When I saw this

I say , the MTA game engine is way toooooo old !

add advanced scripting to track mania 2 and you get an HD MTA-like game

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