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Stronghold Build Contest Submissions


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This topic is ONLY for submissions. For discussion, please move to this topic.

Submitting your entry

Your creation has to be submitted before the end of Sunday the 9th of October. To submit, make a post with the following info:

  • Name of your creation
  • A few screenshots
  • The coordinates of the entrance (press F3 ingame to view your x/y/z location)
  • The ingame Minecraft names of the players that created it

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I had to rush my stronghold up so that I'd get it done today before heading to Lapland untill next wednesday for some hiking. It shouldn't affect the quality and even if it has, I'd wish to be judged like everyone else.

The Iron Mine of Sakado

This cave is actually nearly 100% replica of a dungeon in a campaign I held in Dungeons and Dragons. It is an abandoned Elven iron mine. Why was it abandoned? That's your task to find out!

Location: x 406, z 597

Creator: ornom0n


The entrance to the mine.


I wonder if this is where the spiders are?


Vines have began to grow on the walls.


Abandoned cafeteria with high tec sinks.


A man of sane mind most have written that.


An underground river flows through the lower part.


Dwarves used to live in the mine too.


A leaking water pipe has flooded the room.


The mine may also contain a dark surprise.

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Well as our main leader Loubatron banned himself like a BOSS I took it upon myself to build something that has cheered me up and made others on the server laugh. This is serious.... It might be a penis, but it sure is a serious one ladies and jellymen

Name of Building: Dungeons and Penis's

My name: LukeSTD95

Or coords:

x= 257

y= 81

z= 359

Also a quick bit of information my base at the back as been grifed by other players with nertherack and they have burned all my wool.



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Faction name: LoLtopia

coordiantes: x = -600 , z = -200 (I think these are right)






Our faction consist of a MASSIVE amount of land. We have a stronghold with a green and blue guard tower. It contains an awesome dungeon made by acote321, zipsam, and irepilay. There is a pathway leading to the kingdom surrounded by huge walls. Inside, there is a village, a church, a library, some suppliers, and an incredible castle! The symbols on the wall express our interests. We work hard, and for DAYS! Acote321 and I stayed up all night finishing up the place. What do you think of it? To see achieve the entire expireience, visit our faction!

This is a video we made to introduce you to our faction?


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