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Unban request for Dr.Minky/Loubatron


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permaban is perma. That means if you want to play on the server, you wont be using that account to play. I cant choose tho, im just an backseat admin. You need to get a new account, or maybe buy clavus a some pizza and a coke Aka. Donate. Well, atleast we have more time to play dead island together when i get my video card , ey?

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hack = perm.

nuff said

Mm'kay, not gonna argue.

If ore hack is perma ban then you should really just check people out more cause tons of people on the server use it! And how come there are people that were temp banned for using fly hack on a faction server which is much worse for breaking into bases and such yet ore hack is perma? (Ditto at what ZomBitch just said) That is all,

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