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Dear All

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For all you factionless people please dont bother asking about joining Devils.

Devils is a faction by me (bones112) and benedevil (kk1604) we are both podcasters, everyone in our faction is a fan of our podcast and we have known them for at least 3 months.

Please dont bother us about asking to join the answer is simply gonna be no.

Also please stop altering our names, (i know very the best) like ReDevils, MinerDevils ect.

You can do if you want but trust me you probably wont succeed getting into our base so dont bother thinking of defeating us.

We took down AAF on the previous server, thats a challenge and a challenge only the TRUE devils can take on.


Transparentpizza (bones112)

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Dude no one is actually bothered about this thread you have posted and there was no need to create a new one. Simply just state what you want to say in the server discussion thread and carry on moaning and boasting about how good you are at pod casting and defeating other on a different server.

Just Simply tell people that no one can join, also the whole base thing anyone can get in without being caught fly hacking so good luck.

This is not a hate message but a warning from me about others that are only going to say the same about moving it or this being pointless in a new thread.

Peace, good luck on the server.

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