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Lets start speculating :yeah:

I was hoping on a next-gen San Andreas. After that my second hope is a next-gen Vice City. At least a big map with lots of country roads :meh: .

I agree. Even if San Andreas isn't next-gen I would be happy too.

But, you know, anything would be alright with me. As long as Rockstar sticks to the GTA-formula and doesn't do anything stupid (, cousin), and sticks with a nice timeline (not the future pl0x).

Something with the Rastas would be cool, something in London or New York or Washington or Las Venturas would be cliché but cool, but really Los Santos, San Fierro and/or Las Venturas would all be alright with me. ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What about some kind of island?

Wait... did you make that picture or not? I mean the V could stand for Venturas and FiVe at the same time.

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*awaits some kid to say Battlle field 3 is going to be better*

Lol, what idiot would compare a story based, open world, third-person-shooter

with a game that focuses on being a realistic and modern first-person-shooter.

BF3 and GTA V want to achieve different goals <__<


Can't wait for a new GTA. I wonder what they have improved. Physics engine, design or storytelling?

Rockstar Games had never disapointed me with their games :yeah:

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