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Halloween in your country


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Hello, as you know today it's Halloween, and I thought this was a good idea to tell us your opinion about this event.

Do you celebrate it ? Is it still celebrated or is it rejected in your country ?

What do you do for halloween ? ...

In France we don't celebrate (or very few people do) Halloween, we did in the early 2000's but people considered it as a marketing event more than anything (then I wonder what is Christmas, if not a marketing event...), plus the catholics didn't like this day, as we have November 1st as the "Toussaint" (our halloween if you prefer, but not really festive, it consists in bringing flowers to the graveyard to remember dead people etc), so it simply left the culture, too "american" as they say.

Personnally, I like Halloween, during 1999/2000... I used to disguise and go with some friends ring the bells and ask for candies, but then I stopped doing this when the event died.

I still have rubber pumpkins and stuff that I like putting on october 31th but that's all.

What I love though ,is that more and more games tend to celebrate Halloween (Wow,Guild Wars, TF2, even Red Dead Redemption last year with the zombie dlc), the festive spirit remains in these games.

That's a shame this day became pretty "forgotten" (even though I've seen many pumpkins at the supermarket today, with people buying them, and we've seen 2-3 kids disguised, maybe it'll return ?).

For the first time (well, second time but the first one wasn't really a pumpkin), I've carved myself a pumpkin and exposed it in my living room, I'm proud of it :V




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It's pretty big in England still! Though only as an excuse for kids to get free sweets, chavs to vandalise the elderly's homes, students for an excuse to dress slutty and for shops to get more money :V Its quite a fun day though for people, at the very least making pumpkins is a laugh and pumpkin soup is tasty so win win!

Obviously its way bigger in America than anywhere else

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Back home in Canada It is celebrated as a holiday. The basic Celtic belief is that the dead and the spirits can pass through the underworld to the real world allowing them to take over and spread evil. This is quite funny on what use to happen many years ago. Halloween us to be when spirits might give messages to people that had people that died in their families. In some areas it was traditional for unmarried girls to poor molten lead into water. The shape that the lead took when it hardened was seen as a clue to the professions of their future husbands. Halloween traditions were brought to Canada by Irish and Scottish immigrants. Halloween is now celebrated in a range of other countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.

Now growing up in the United Kingdom, with Peon and Minky we have gone past the age of begging in the streets for sweets or chucking loo roll over Old man Peters house in case he gives us shit stuff.

My views on Halloween are pretty much traditional. Keep it where it was started and don't bring it to countries which are going to have kids walking he streets on their own scaring old people and demanding sweets when it's not even celebrated over here.

But... I do love dressing up and going to parties for Halloween as we are at the age of drinking and walking down busy roads at 1am with a pot noodle :D


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It's pretty dead in England... As Political Correctness sets in (e.g No more old peoples homes, no more seriously scary costumes) people are just moving away from it. Soon it'll die completely, but it's a great idea, just some people *points towards the houses of parliament* suck at everything.

That doesn't have much to do with Halloween, but it's a tradition we are ourselves killing.

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i hate halloween. Again another useless celebration that only costes money. I wont give candy to anybody, imma nomnom my own candy! And if some annoying kiddo does somekind of a "trick" cause he didint get any candy from me, im gonna do a small prank on him then. Im gonna burn his house down and drop his family into a well.

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Russia and Halloween are imseparatable things. I think people mostly dont even know what is it, expect those ones who travelled through other countries. I did celebrate it many times in different countries, like for example Australia. I hade a suit of a demon and truely was running for candies. I was 6 years that time.

Nothing to say about Russia. Only thing I can say that Belgium celebrates it at least SOMEHOW, comparing to Russia, which doesnt even know what the fuck is Halloween.

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