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The Left 4 Green Civil War!

Military enlistment Document   

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  1. 1. When faced with danger, I:

    • Laugh and punch whoever/ whatever it is that's putting me in danger in the face!
    • I react within my environment, even if the only thing nearby is a rolled up Porn-Mag!
    • I am paralysed with fear! I'm a perpetual coward!
    • Danger? Danger is my middle name!
  2. 2. A Bear attempts to attack your mother! What do you do?

    • I kill the bear, skin it and wear it as a hat!
    • I talk to the bear, in the vain hope it will understand my point of view!
    • I give my mother to him: I don't like her anyway!
    • What's a bear?
  3. 3. Chose one of the following:

    • A hot cup of soup
    • A date with Jennifer Anniston
    • Some incriminating evidence of Clavus dealing with Al Qaeda
    • A philosophical lecture with BlueYoshi
    • 1.4 tonnes of Russian porn magazines
    • A social life
    • To make water taste like Beer
  4. 4. Were I not joining the army, I would want to be:

    • Morally sound with a good family life
    • A landscape Gardener
    • A bus driver
    • A convicted Shop-lifter
    • The son of Bono
  5. 5. War: What is it good for?

    • Money, Oil and Land
    • The Palestinians to get angry about
    • Absolutely nothing
    • Gabe Newell
    • To shoot people

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It is common opinion that war is bad. So bad, that someone wrote a song, explaining that it is indeed good for absolutely nothing.

Here at The Prodigal Sons, we disagree. War, is fantastic.

We don’t mean the real thing, you know, with the shrapnel wounding, mass murders, illegal nerve gas attacks, needless civilian killings... We don’t mean the Iraq war. No, we mean Left 4 Green.

We’ve modelled ourselves around cyber-slaying each other for years.

Like the early days of ZS when it catered for the hardcore and all the old bloods first met. He shot at each other for days, we racked up masses of kills upon each other, insulted one another, some even had relationships. War, then, brought us together... and allowed us to blow each other apart.

Now that ZS has changed, the CS:S servers gone, MTA’s still sucking (that’s right, I said it), the TF2 servers lagging, we appear to be left with Minecraft. This simply attracts Whiners and Kids like flies to shit.

We have a problem. There’s a chasm forming. All the old bloods are either sticking together or becoming intrinsic. All the new guys talk about Minecraft and plea to be unbanned for spamming. Needless to say, Me, Dr.Minky and Luke Nukem are sad because of this.

The occasion occurred at school: Me and Dr.Minky were sat outside and he said:

“James, what the hell’s happening to L4G? It’s dieing. We needa do something” – To which I soberly turned and replied:

“Let’s have a fucking War”

Enter our idea. Soon, very soon even, L4G will play host to the greatest civil war that has ever... happened on Left 4 Green. Details are yet to be finalised, but you all are going to be a part of an inter-community Wargasm that will grant perks, give prestige, and bring you together with your fellow Greenies.

Monthly (Or less) tournaments on games YOU choose, where you are put into two random teams, then and your Comrades must rally together, and quite frankly Murder the other team in-discriminantly.

TF2 Matches, Surf tournaments, CS:S Battles, Left 4 Dead speed runs, MineCraft adventure maps... It’s all going to happen. And YOU are the fodder... I mean heroes.

Excited? We know you are. Now load your Shotgun, Sharpen your sword, drink your stamina potion, grab a med-kit, and get ready for War.

Because War, War is fantastic.

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I used to like crows because I was the only one that heard them talk, but I've changed my mind. I dislike most crowish.


You don't want to vote for him. And why do all dictators have a weird black mustache? Just look at this one.

I also love to see many people want to have a philosophical lecture with me rather than eating Jennifer. :mr-green:

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