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jedireviews - Combat Log (Ban Review)


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I'm not clear on the policy - and I think it perhaps needs to be made a little clearer. But I believe bans are only issued for excessive or abusive combat logging. For example, we are in someone's base killing them, they go offline relog and use that time to slowly move towards a safe chest room, or to close a door, or to place lava on us. I've only ever seen Corby issue bans when the person is logging 5 or 6 times.

One thing I'd worry about if this got a ban is genuine client crashes. For some reason, this version of minecraft is the least stable for me. I get an excessive amount of out of memory errors and sometimes the client just shuts down by it's self. Earlier I was in combat, perfectly fine and in control, but I had 3 client crashes in the space of 10 minutes. I was worried I'd get accused of logging so I screen shotted to show I was perfect health and armour but, the accusation could have been made.

If someone logs, just wait them out. When they return, they'll likely log again and again, and you'll have more ground to stand on to say; this is bannable behaviour.

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