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Civil WAR!

Left 4 Green is about to play host to the greatest battle it has ever seen. One so bloody, so inhumanly inhumane, so unjustified, that if they weren’t busy destroying the Euro Zone, the UN would prohibit it.

But justification can be found. Found in the face of your enemy: Look at him! He’s ugly! He’s invading your forum! The main course of action? Shoot him.

I know that many of you already harbour a deep seeded resentment for your fellow man. Perhaps you are a social outcast; perhaps you just don’t like EmRA all that much. I know I don’t. Or perhaps you are simply bored. Regardless, the first of many battles is about to commence. The plains of Dustbowl will, once again, play host to a slaughter.

I send you this letter not to insult you, nor to mock you: But to ask for your trigger finger in the holy sanctuary of fiery death giving. That’s right brothers and sisters, the first battle in our Civil War will be on Team Fortress 2!

Details of the terrain have been decided, but those of you to be drafted have yet to be decided. Seeing as this mission is essentially suicide, we need volunteers. 22 of you, to be exact.

The first 22 of you, Soldiers of freedom, shall be chosen to spill blood in the name of honour… Or a fuck-tonne of Green Coins. You decide. That’s right, YOU’RE GETTING PAID!

Oh yes, the teams! I forgot about that. Seeing as this is a civil war, there are no real sides. No real alliances- You’ll all be playing the mercenary. A short time after you sign up, you’ll be told your brothers in arms. FORGET THAT “PAL’S BATTALION” Bullshit too- You’re on your own. Well, you and 10 other random Greenies. Simply reply on this topic or message me to join the fodder... I mean the recruits!

It’s going to be a war to remember. And it’ll be in 2 weeks.

See you out in the field, Private!

- Field Marshall Peon


-Field Marshall Dr.Minky

-Field Marshall Peon

- Major Luke Luke Nukem

- Private Reginald BlueYoshi97

- Private Arthur P. Dr Pannenkoek

- Private Jeremy mogadonskoda

- Private William Xeim

- Private Hubert Kefeus

- Private Francis Q. ZomBitch

- Private Sander TheGreenGrasshopper

- Private Emilio Hundred2

- Private Harrison Nobana

- Private Pierre Chickenugget

- Private Jennifer ClavusElite

- Private Wayne Tennisballesser

- Private Donnie FishWithAHat

- Private Joseph TechnoNegro

- Private Micky BaronBaconeer

- Reich Fuhrer Vonnie Sneed

- Private Stanley Raptor

- Private Lou Captain Garm

- Private Gellar Weo


- Cadet Reiska

Edited by The Lazy Peon
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