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Lil' story about the PC Gamer UK issue


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As you guys might know, I tried to get the December issue of the PC Gamer UK because Infected Wars was featured in it. First I tried contacting the PC Gamer crew, but they didn't respond. After my many other failed attempts to find it, I finally just took RoboRobb's offer and he sent me his copy last week (arrived in two days).

Well what I didn't know is that the PC Gamer actually did sent a copy. But my dad sent them an email around the time I did, and they responded to him saying I already emailed them. My dad then requested to switch the shipping address to his, so he could give me the issue as a birthday present (which was the 16th).

Unfortunately, the copy PC Gamer sent to my dad just didn't arrive. So my dad sent an email asking if anything went wrong with the shipping, after which PC Gamer redirected him to myfavouritemagazines.co.uk (I tried to buy the issue there too, but I couldn't pay with PayPal).

This morning, my dad decided to order the magazine a second time. When he came home in the evening, he found the first issue PC Gamer had sent on the doormat and me telling I already got RoboRobb's copy last week. :lol:

Coincidence? Probably. Three copies is better than one I'd say :P

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