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Number of slot on the server


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I think it is urgent to reduce the maximum number of slots on the server, for example, to a maximum of 50 beyond, ca become unplayable, I must not be the only one to think, the 50 players reached , the network trouble and everything is a lag, ca quickly become boring.

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how come there were 70 players before and not a single lag..

recently the server has been lagging, it must be another thing, i dont think its the players

and also the 60-80 players in the game isnt all day, its only a certain hour.. then it goes down...

it is cool how it is

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Crazy Minority lobbies have to stop coming in here ramming ideas in the admins' heads, I mean come on. How long has this bunch been playing on MTA, because slot amount has nothing to do with lag. Plus, you're talking about 70 or 80 players, but haven't you realised by then Dimensions are set in at their already too low 30 players, so you're talking absolute nonsense. It would be liked complaining about 25 players...

I found lag reduced a huge amount when I stop using a second monitor to watch movies, go figure...

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I'm sure the massive lags the past few days were caused by GCSHOP's Modshop, but I'm positive I've fixed it.

The other lag and/or timeouts we're getting is when the map changes and download of resource files begins. We're currently working on fixing that too.

Other than that, there should be no lag related to the connection.

There could also be FPS lag (i.e you have a shit FPS) which can be caused by some of the HUD items like the Race Progress Bar (f7)

If what you're getting is FPS Lag then it's fixable by removing as many HUD items as you can + making sure you're running GTA:SA on lowest possible video settings

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