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Hey all.


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Well, hello. I couldn't find a right place for this, so sorry if its in the wrong board. Man have I missed using forums... Heh, oh right, back on topic. Well, I'm Nginx, I've been playing in the MTA Race server for over a year now, and only now, I've decided to become a real part of this community. Why did it take me so long? Probably cause in the past, I got really "addicted" to the forum for a SAMP roleplay server. After I dealt with my addiction problem, I decided not to go to a forum ever again, but couldn't stop my self from coming here. ;) Anyways, I'm 16, I live in Lithuania. I go to school, but occasionally work too. I used to be a photoshopper, but nowadays I'm only doing some very basic stuff only, maybe I'll get back on that hobby, maybe no, who knows.. :) Anyway, it is nice to meet you all, I hope we'll get along, and see you IG!

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