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Cow's Admin Application


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Gameserver: Zombie Survival

Age: 17(Well next week i will be)

Country of origin: United States, New York

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Well For starters im on the server a lot, even when people arent on. Some say i have no life, i just say if i had no life i wouldnt be living so you are correct but yeah when im playing ZS i admit im not living. I may play a little too much which may be perfect for applying for admin, But i really love ZS and IW although ZS is my favorite personally.

I go to the forums frequently although i mostly just read i dont post a lot as you can see by under my name, a lot of people probably dont know me but i dont have a problem with it. This is a large community and therefore i dont expect everyone to know me or like me, but if i get to be an admin for ZS then i will do my duties to the fullest of my potential(Regardless of what people think). I know for sure that i would be a great admin because i have experience with being an admin/moderator on other servers. I just have to prove that i would be a great admin which is hard to do so since im not one, but i promise you that if i become admin i will be the best i can be. I play the server non-stop, i am responsible, i have great admin experience what else is there to need. I have admin on Three Garrysmod servers, One CounterStrike server, Another on a ZM server. Never lost admin once after getting it, because i do my job, and i dont abuse. The three garrysmod servers that i have admin on one is Shindogsmasterplace which has been down for about a week and the other two servers which i go to are FLT's go there and it is written proof that i would be a great admin.

Well I personally have confidence that i will be accepted, good luck everyone else who is applying hope they pick a good person to be admin. I hope i get accepted so i can protect the server, considering i have seen a couple spammers and quite a few people who come to the server just to piss people off. If i had admin abilitys then i would have dealt with them.

I also Donated the other day to help the server and to help myself, its a win win situation i help the server and the server helps me. I am Incouraging people to donate because it strengthens the server, it benefits yourself, and it can really help the community overall.

Well i do hope i get accepted, good luck everyone hope we get some good admins to benefit the servers. :) P.S. 8 people are applying for ZS admin Dont like the odds foreveryone of getting accepted but still good luck.

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