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Dear Esther - Half-Life 2 Modification.

Mr. Darkness

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Dear Esther.

Is a Half-Life 2 experimental (professional level) modification made up by The Chinese Room and released on February 14th 2012. Became a standalone game in steam store, buyable for 8 EUR.

“A deserted island… a lost man… memories of a fatal crash… a book written by a dying explorer.”

"Dear Esther is a ghost story, told using first-person gaming technologies. Rather than traditional game-play the focus here is on exploration, uncovering the mystery of the island, of who you are and why you are here. Fragments of story are randomly uncovered when exploring the various locations of the island, making every each journey a unique experience. Dear Esther features a stunning, specially commissioned soundtrack from Jessica Curry."

The story itself, the views of the island and the exploration bring your interest and attention to this modification. The story is abot a dying man who got stuck on the island. Who is esther? What is this island? Why are you here? What happened to the motorway? Is this island real or an imagination? All the answers are kepth beneath the entire island - in the tunnels, beautiful caves and underground waterfalls.

The story was built up on 2008 and works on source engine 2009.


My mapper friend TopHATTWaffle playing the game:

Guys, I advice the game to everyone. The game is just impressing, the story and the graphics!

I say, it is even better than playing the same Crysis, this short time of playing... you will want to play this over and over again.

"This is Dear Esther, an interactive story made in Source engine. Every time you play it you get a twist on the story, it's amazing. It is also one of the best looking Source engine games I've ever seen." - TopHATTwaffle

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