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  1. WeedyMan

    Mr.Green Shooter Event 2021 Edition

    The biggest noob me will join
  2. WeedyMan

    Mr.Green 15th Anniversary

    Give me that Vip Cena u good friend Name AoS|WeedyMan Map request NTS- Sprint SH Shade of Madness
  3. WeedyMan

    DzinyMaster Admin Application

    Best joke what i heard from Dziny. Then everyone Who is banned can ask for Admin
  4. WeedyMan

    Why still have Gamemode 3

    No. Because u need start learn what mistakes u did do in MC or Mta. U need start grow up. Like okay do one time mistake but don’t do same mistakes 100x. Just grow up
  5. WeedyMan

    Admin/Mod Appication

    Time to ban u from forum
  6. WeedyMan

    Admin/Mod Appication

    Good luck braliuk
  7. WeedyMan

    Moderator Application

    +1 FapTrix
  8. WeedyMan

    Remove Killdziny.lua discussion

    That what she said
  9. WeedyMan


    Lets add script which will only let u spectate
  10. WeedyMan


    For u maybe . But i did play NTS . And u did that on purpose. u just pick up powertools and u killed me many times
  11. WeedyMan


    Your ingame name: AoS|WeedyMan The player's name who you are reporting: DzinyMaster Which server are you requesting this? : Mix The reason why this player should get banned: So what happened here is that DzinyMaster just picked up in CoreMarkers powerbox or what ever they are called . So when he did pick up them.. He just drive front of me and place barrels front of me and blow me up. And when he did get rockets he just launch at me and blow me up. When i played map . Btw he did stay in ghostmode. (Next time if something like this will happen again i will use recording)
  12. WeedyMan

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

  13. WeedyMan

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    if u know sc its not cheating . a lot RTF has sc . but for u noob . u will not understand that
  14. WeedyMan

    Tired of DzinyMaster

  15. it's starting annoying about dziny camping , wasting time , escaping from maps. do something about . punish him
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