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    GIVEME MY DAMN VIP Name: AoS|DxTK Map request: NTS Timber NTS Melodia
  2. Your ingame name: DxTK The player's name who you are reporting: JordanPeterson Which server are you requesting this?: MIX but he plays race too The reason why this player should get banned: blocker and griefer, dont even race, just mess with other people
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    What gustavo said is true, is impossible to race without ghost mode playing from south america, the position i am on my screen is not the position other people see me or the position the server places me in, generally in my screen i am the first but in a straight line i am like 4th or 5th, when GM turns off i generally crash into others or vice versa, and the only way to overtake someone is ramming them, so i would like perma ghost mode.
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