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  1. mounir866

    Got banned cause of KOMs hate

    Berg. Jap. Peki. Grom they are non stop provoking me all the time .. how u can’t reply them .. yesterday I told to everyone don’t talk to me but they keep provoking .. I never insult anyone of them cause I know they have been looking for a small word from me to ban .. Please tell me where is the insult and let me see the hole chat log since peki and grom and panda joined .. Only the raison I got banned cause they don’t want to get rammed LOL ! up to you cena , thanks
  2. mounir866

    Christmas event!

    THEMorocanJOB NTS MAP : map name by matoush
  3. mounir866

    #1 DD Tournament.

    So it’s a kom tournament LOL
  4. mounir866

    #1 DD Tournament.

    What a shitty tournament kom are teaming vs 1 player hahahah next time try to be professional to manage a tournament by removing names dubby we want next NTS TOUR no one choose a map only randomly
  5. mounir866

    indian using bugs!

    thats true this indian kid hit me like a rocket many times ...100% he using hack..
  6. mounir866

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    So I was your target in that JUMP lol

    1. Berg


      I never talk to u, i can talk about you though. Be ready for that. And stop avoiding your mute

    2. mounir866


      hahahahahhahahahaahh both of you got the ram of the year hahaahahahahahaha

  8. mounir866

    #1 DD Tournament.

    and i gonna beat ur ass
  9. mounir866

    #1 DD Tournament.

    THEMoroccanJOB any map
  10. mounir866

    again same guys blocking

    He already got 24h from my first topic ... now he deserve 3 days.. if it was me I get permanent ban from berg but what i can say just LOL
  11. mounir866

    again same guys blocking

    he is looking for more than 24h mark this little kid @pekipeki4
  12. mounir866

    again same guys blocking

    well they call themself ^ PROS ^... grom blocking and by the help of admin kreator LOL ...
  13. mounir866

    again same kid ... blocking every race

    and more .. i know admins not making any decision.. am just enjoying post his shit LOL BTW am playing on 3440X1440 Ultra wide ..he is playing on 400X400 pixel
  14. mounir866

    again same kid ... blocking every race

    more blocking just now
  15. hello admins .. this kid is out of his brain now LOL ... he dont care about admins anymore more SS from today blocking ..
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