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    Your ingame name: Condom.Boi The player's name who you are reporting: DzinyMaster Which server are you requesting this? : Mix The reason why this player should get banned: He's just getting on everyone's nerves and he'll just simply never change because he's disabled. Also I didn't really bother to collect too much evidence against him because i think it's obvious what he's doing. But for example: Constantly camping, blocking, and wrinting shit in the chat. But I think I almost speak for everyone here and let's not keep him for amusement reasons xd At the first part of the video this could be considered an attempted ram but really he just breaks and tries to block me. But you'll see he keeps his monster to try his luck later on at the second part of the vid. Some other blocking action on pictures below as well and the usual bullshit he's saying in chat. dzinymastercomplete.mp4
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