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jacobpetre123's Moderator Application - Lef4green's Minecraft server

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IGN: jacobpetre123

Age: 13

About me: I'm a Legit Minecraft player who is all against hacks, I've been on Left4green for about 3 months now and replaced it with my old faction server.

why would I like to be a Moderator: I would like to be a Moderator because there is many hackers on this server, I've seen alot of people Using x-ray, kill aura and many more, unlegit (I mean how they don't do stuff their selves) hacks.

What makes me a good Moderator: I have owned multiple servers (Different kinds of course) And I am very skilful in catching people using x-ray, I also Welcome new players as I like being a part of the community and helping other's out.

I hope you all accept my application, thank you.

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doesnt Clavus hate 13year olds?

You don't decide whether an admin app gets accepted or declined.

You can help an admin app author by giving him tips on improving his application.

You can give your opinion about an author, but be nice to him.

You can wish an author good luck with his application.

For example, if someone is around the age of 14 (or younger). You can tell him "Your age might be an issue". Things like "You're too young" aren't needed, because we decide.

Lets keep these apps nice for everyone.

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I refuse to get into this..... Anyway, Good Luck even though its in the wrong place, and you cant even try to use correct grammer and spelling, plus three months is a very very very very very long time on the server :3

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