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We're close to launching a new MTA:SA server. It'll be a mix-gamemode server. For now we already have 3 gamemodes with more soon to come!


We need a decent amount of maps before we can boot the server. We're thinking that around 20 per gamemode will do. So here's a list that I will continuously update, so make sure you keep up-to-date. It's best to make maps for what's needed.

There's ManHunt, Reach The Flag and Capture The Flag. All of them are based on vehicles and the race gamemode itself. I will begin by explaining the gamemodes themselves:

ManHunt is a gamemode where everybody must hunt down and kill 1 player(victim). When this player is dead, the one who was last to shoot and/or ram him will become the next Victim. Players are given 2 types of guns too, so they can do drive-by. You will be able to drive-by by using right-click. Everyone gets 1 gun with 100 rounds, while the Victim gets a 300-rounds UZI.

Reach The Flag is a gamemode where everybody starts in a line-up like in the race server and they must sprint/ram/block each other until they reach a flag. The flag is usually in a very hardly accessible area so we expect lots of car jams with lots of fun.

Capture The Flag is a team-based gamemode. You spawn, you get assigned to a team (Red or Blue) and you get 2 icons on your radar. One is your team's and the other the opponent's. You can choose whether to defend your flag or steal the others' flag. You will simply need to go through a flag to take it. Once you have it, you can sprint back to your own base (to your flag) and if you manage to do this, your team gets 1 point. However, if you get killed by the angry players because you took their flag, then you drop the flag exactly where you died. Your team and you can still take the flag again, but it's the other team's duty to protect it for 50 seconds until it is returned to their base!

However we'll need your help, the map-maker. We could use as many maps as you can make. There is no limit to what you can send us.

You can map for either one of these gamemodes. You can make maps however you like. They can even be based in the San-Andreas city, although we do prefer custom maps like we've always done. (By custom I mean not in the actual city). It's your choice! We'll appreciate your contribution!

However, there are a few things you MUST take into consideration when making maps.

Each gamemode runs in its own way, so maps will be different!

General guidelines:

-32 spawnpoints minimum.

-Checkpoints are not allowed.

-The meta.xml and the .map file must be compressed in a .zip archive, NOT a .rar archive. And they must not be in any folders. (you can send us the .zip)

-Maximum map duration is 10 minutes. It's preferred that you make it lower. Quick maps are preferred.

-Maps can be created via Map Editor normally. However, these are custom gamemodes only present in our server. This means that you will have to manually edit the meta.xml when you're done mapping. Open up meta.xml and find gamemodes="race" tag. You will have to change "race" with "manhunt", "rtf" or "ctf". (rtf = Reach The Flag ; ctf = Capture The Flag)

For ManHunt:

-Set the player you want to be The Victim as the FIRST spawnpoint. You can set it somewhere safe, far from the manhunters.

-It is preferred that the manhunters are all at the same place.

-It's preferred that bikes aren't used so much because it's hard to ram/block a bike.

For Reach The Flag:

-1 unique flag object id 2914 must be present in the map, somewhere hidden and hardly-accessible. Players must ram each other and must fight through if they want to collect the flag!

-It is preferred that the spawnpoints are all in the same area.

For Capture The Flag:

-You will create 2 bases. (Areas of spawning and everything else you can think of)

-The most important rule of making maps for CTF is that spawnpoints must be created in THIS specific order: The first spawnpoint in the red team base, but the next spawnpoint that you make must be IN THE BLUE base. The next one must then be in the red base and the 4th one must be in the blue base again. It's like 1 here, another 1 there. Easy, right? This order is what makes the server tell which spawnpoints belong to which team!

-You must place 1 unique object id in each base. For the Red Team, this object id must be 2914. Place it anywhere you want in the Red's base (same area where you placed the first spawn, that's the Red base!). Next, the Blue base. You must place an unique object id 2048 (it doesn't look like a flag in map editor, but in our server it will look like a flag). Again, the Blue base is where you placed the second spawnpoint.

-It's preferred that bikes aren't used so much because it's hard to ram/block a bike.

These are simple guidelines to follow the basic structure of the maps. You can do anything that isn't specified above however you want! (i.e arranging the bases and such)

Any questions, post here, PM me or find me on IRC.

You can post maps in this topic or in the Map Uploads subforum.

We'll value your contribution!




New plans for new gamemode:

After many considerations and seeing how succesful the map in cause is, we've decided what our next gamemode will be and we hope that the idea will suit everyone :')


Basically, race maps with checkpoints around San Andreas and a vehicle randomizer for each checkpoints!

What do you guys think?

But if we'll go through with this, we need maps for it. There will be the official map + others for more diversity. So we need to put to work everyone's creativity!

How To Make A NTS-Map.

1. Make a race map like any other. But, our randomizer will need to know if it needs to choose a plane, a boat or a car.

As a result, I'm thinking that checkpoints need to be created carefully. Such as: Blue checkpoints means a random car. Red checkpoints means a random plane and Green checkpoints means a random boat. Simple as that. Just make sure you get the colors right. That's it.

2. Don't change vehicles via checkpoints. (Server Script will do that)

3. Save the map, open it and @ meta.xml , replace the gamemodes tag 'race' with 'nts' .

4. The meta.xml and the .map file go in a .zip archive which you can then upload in a Forum Attachment in posts here.

5. Try to stick to San Andreas maps for now (like original Never The Same). Make sure your map has a few curbs and isn't a short map. You should add as many checkpoints as possible as that is what makes this gamemode fun. The checkpoints should also have a proper distance between each other so that you can drive a while with your randomly selected vehicle. (just like the original NTS map by me)

6. Don't add any scripts that interfere with changing cars.

7. 32 unique spawnpoints required. (unique = not in the same place/space)

Careful with setting the checkpoints color.

Blue = 0, 0, 255 (RGB COLORS)

Red = 255, 0, 0

Green = 0, 255, 0

EACH checkpoint needs to be COLORED accordingly.

NO other color is accepeted except for those!


We'll add the gamemode in the server once we get enough maps.

We're hoping it will help make the MIX server a successful server and attract more people.

other stuff I forgot to mention @ nts: It would be best if the first few checkpoints were big. I mean the size should be like more than 5(even 5). It will help with avoiding startup fuckups a little.

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Hey BlueYoshi97, you still alive bro?! :D

Yes and no. I've been experimenting with Illusion Spells, so much I've turned into a ghost. How's things with you?

@ BinSlayer: Can you make it so that for my map (CTF), if someone dies and loses the flag, the flag returns to it's base automatically if it's not picked up in 10 seconds? This is because at one side of the map there's a pretty high falling danger, which will result in players pressing enter to kill themselves when they fall off, and leaving the flag behind in mid-air.

Otherwise tell me, I'm also willing to edit the map so it's impossible to fall off at all.

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No Yoshi sorry it's how the gamemode works..

Don't worry.. Even if the flag's unreachable it will return automatically in 50 seconds

However, it would be nice to fix it any way you can.

PS: I know you can't test it. Ofc I won't be mad

I'll edit this post when I've tested your maps


Yoshi, your map design is not bad. But you put the spawnpoints in a 'no mans land'. I prefer that you put the teams in their BASE such as near their flag or at least in the same area.

However, you did good with the spawning order!

And also, this is a CTF gamemode. It means that the guy who's got the flag will get hunted down by the other team. However, all your spawnpoints are bikes. It's pretty hard to ram/block a bike, right? It'd be good if it was all cars or something


Face, your map's been approved :') However, less bikes for manhunt and ctf from now on pls

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All 3 approved. Thanks

Keep em comin

You understood rtf very well.

EDIT: Also, big change: In CTF, if you die in mid-air or in water thus making the retrieval of the flag impossible, then it gets instantly returned to the base so no need to wait those 50 seconds. This means you guys don't need to care about falling off.

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Try not to use the runway object for all maps to limit the areas. You can use some different roads too :)

I mean we can always use more objects for limiting the area. Otherwise all maps will end up having runways lol



Keep up the good work.

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You just sent us the same map you made for the Race server.

It won't work just like that. You have an entire opened-city-map. Imagine everybody chasing each other in the whole city lol.

You should obviously have a closed-space map for ManHunt. It simply makes sense.

Sorry, this one gets a No-no


We're halfway there with the manhunt maps! xD

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