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Pick 2-3 days a week to do a work out best would probably be monday,wednesday and friday and keep the weekend off ..

Do you have a membership to a gym or are you gonna train at home? If so do you have any weight sets? Can't really give you any routines unless i know what you're working with.

And what is your goal? what muscle groups would you like to grow more then others?

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i have been going to gym about a year now 5 times a week (what is maybe little too much buttfuck it) usually spent 45mins-2h there, still always remember to keep days to rest. As you want muscle you have to have enough weight in your body to gain it so if you are skinny you should maybe eat better and eat nice food like steak n shit you find many advice's what to eat to gain weight in many websites. Of course if you want to gain muscle you should do power training (also what i am doing) it involves things bench lift and and also you should train your legs doing squats. you cant find many different power lifting moves in the internet and see there what is best for you and what is the most effective. don't forget to train your back too and other major parts in your body

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Well ive been swimming competetivly (?) for the last... 4 years, and only reasonly begun in the gym. Even thou i eat alot i got a tight scedual, monday: swim 2 hours wensday: gym 1:30 hours and 1:30 swim friday: swim for an hour once in a while saturday: 1 hour gym 1:45 swim. and then go to the gym if i fell like it. and its been rewarding

But basicly, get tired=profit and do it a couple times a week

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There's a few important things: Your age, height + weight (cms + kgs), your parent's ethnicities and 'build' - by which I mean your bone structure, do you have a small, normal or large frame? And finally what do you tend to lean towards in terms of efficiency, sprinting or long distance running?

All you're going to receive is broscience. If you wanted to get ripped you'd be better off doing your own research, and making informed decisions about which parts of the interwebs are total bullshit (90%) and which ones are legit science.

I'd first say you need to decide whether you want to shed some weight or head straight to building muscle mass. There's not much point in heavily training whilst aiming to lose weight, though a starting strength program would be good so you have a foundation to work off once you switch to building.

I'd say start with a calorie restriction on your basal metabolic rate.. Avoid commercial diets like the plague, just increase your protein intake slightly at the expense of carbs which will help increase satiety.

Starting strength programs vary, and there's no specific routine that's 'the best'. Google is your friend when it comes to this and try a few out until you find one you like.

After that, as Terminator was mentioning you need to think how you want to look. Muscle anatomy is god damn fascinating stuff and there are so many components that go into shaping a 'muscular and defined' body.

So yeah, diet in check, starting strength, you'll have a little bit more muscle and definition from that alone, and if you wanted to get into specific training programs you're at a good point.

If you ever feel like you're about to purchase a nutritional supplement send me a PM and I'll tell you whether or not you're wasting your money. I have a friend that used to buy the most stupid products for the most stupid prices, then nonchalantly switched to an oral anabolic steroid with not so much as an afterthought. He was going to move to IV steroids before our entire friendship group bullied him out of it. I'm guessing you're young, and you could seriously mess up your body. So feel free to ask.

All this being said, I'm a fatty. I just know an ironic amount about nutrition and biology.

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Stuff like insanity doesn't really work as they present it.. atleast not over a long period of time...

What i useally do:

Arm day


preacher curls:

Video for demonstation

3 Sets, aim for 6-10 reps (8 = ideal) a set if you can do more add more weight...


2 Sets, 21 reps follow video instructions..


3 Sets

This one is a little hard to do when there is alot of weight on so i useally keep it a bit lower and aim for about 12 Reps per set.



Put your feet on your bed and push up on your knuckles

3 Sets as many push ups as you can per set..

If you're at a gym with a buddy try bech pressing..


3 Sets 8 reps.

And if you have something like a bar hanging some where try some push ups!

Day 3 should be cardio and abs!

Run or bike for an hour and do sit up's 3 sets as many as you can per set..

This is what i useally do it works for me for now... trick is to keep changing your routine in time before your muscles grow custome to the work out..


First few times You shouldn't work out 3 days a week if your muscles still hurt wait untill they are recovered or train a different muscle group.

Add weight when you can try to push your limits, for me its every 2 weeks i can add more weight.. (in the beginning it might go fast but after a while that progression will go slower)

Don't train back/chest on the same day as arms.

When training your arms everybody wants big biceps, don't forget the tricep makes up 60% of your arm!

What works for the one might not work for you if you train for a while you'll find out what excercises gets you the best results!

Sign up to a gym or gt some equipment for home..

Good luck.

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I'd suggest a simple one-fold program, I used this when I started going out to the gym. Its really simple, and also good for a rookie. No need to trouble your head with two/three or four-folded programs.

3 days(monday-wednesday-friday are the best imo), and you do this same program on all days:

-Bench press 4x6(or 3-4x10 if you want mass instead of power)

-Deep squats 4x6(-''-)

-Bicep curl 3x10

-Chin-ups with a wide opposite grip 3xMaximum

-Shoulder press with dumbbells 3x10


You can alter it in some ways, for example replacing squats with deadlift on one day and adding calves for one day.

I'd suggest doing this program for about 3 months.

E: Also remember to learn how to do each move properly, prevents accidents and gives you better results when you do things well from the beginning. Remember to warm up before each move to prevent muscle soreness.

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I can't really go to the gym, and I can't use all of the equipment because my family's financial position isn't the best and we can't afford it right now.

And I can't use things like protein shakes because when I was younger I had cancer and only have one kidney and my doctor strictly forbids it for my own health.

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All the advice above is all well and good still. But your ignoring the facts.

Fat does not convert into muscle, despite stupid rumours and urban myths. You need to lose some weight really first before considering muscle mass if your 'chubby' and want to have a good looking body as opposed to just strength. So ignore doing strict weights for now and focus mainly on weight loss programs. Don't do too many cardio exercises either as they are designed to improve your respiration system as opposed to losing you weight, which they will do, but not as much if you stick to strict weight loss programs. Google a few, biking, treadmills are great for this kind of stuff.

Once you have lost some weight, you may first want to build some muscle mass before considering to tone it up, judging by what you've described anyway. So start substituting your weight loss exercises for cardio and weight programs. For weights make sure your doing a reasonably heavy weight for you with only a few reps. The reason behind this is that it will build up your muscle mass.

Then finally when you think you're at a stage that you are comfortable being muscle wise, then start to tone your muscles out. Subbing all your weight exercises with heavy and few reps, for a reasonably comfortable weight for you with many reps as opposed to few. This will now tone your muscles as opposed to making them look bigger.

This whole process your trying to achieve isn't a single step that you can just keep repeating, it really is those three steps like I described above and do NOT expect results to happen overnight, it will take time, a lot of time.

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I haven't been ignoring what they said. I wanted to get multiple ways from multiple people.

It wasn't directed at you, it was directed at the others posting advice telling you to hit the weights straight away. Like I said, fat doesn't convert into muscle, so you'll want to lose it first really.

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i run on my home machine thing for like 20-25 minutes until i get a sweat.

then i do a few situps (40-60)

then i do a few pushups (20-30, ones that make your chest touch the ground. full ones)

and squats with weights (20-30).

i plan on going back to swimming soon. swimming is an extremely good exercise and i suggest you start with that.

like corby said, losing the fat first is a must.

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I just starve myself in the Summer and sit doing naff all apart from clicking my mouse and moving my arms a little for them WASD keys and arrow keys.

The Luke Weight Loss Technique. My DVD is out next week by the way.

whaaat summer is the time for drinking and eating how could you do that shiit

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