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What was the origin of your name?

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So... many people been wondering the origin of their names. I use this topic so you can all type your name origins. I will start with me, my name originality (rui_troia) was made at 2008, when I was creating for the first time my Steam account...

I have a uncle called Rui(It's a Portuguese name) and he used to play Metin2 before with that name. Then when he got married with my aunt, he had to abandon his gaming life and gave me the privillege of stayng with his name.

When I was making my Steam Acc, he typed his name and Bam. Since then I never changed name because people already call me Rui... Uncle rui ^^.

So... What's your story?

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Chikennugget1 was part of the first email address I've created, back in 2004 or 2005.

At start I wanted "Chicken" which was a Red Dead Revolver character, but it was already taken.

Then I've tried ChickenNugget, and finally Chikennugget1 :)

I also have many other nicknames, -Spectrom- was the first one I've ever used, in Halo CE.

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There's an older thread for this, but hey ho.

I literally typed waffles and pancake into Google translate and I liked pancake more. That's as far as it goes.

That goes for any other usernames I've created (ones that have a boring story that is, like Burn (previous forum name, I think Hundred kept saying Burn baby burn whenever I posted) and also ERROR 401

But that story is for another day heuheuheueheu

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what does it mean?!, dutch word for someone that helps!

It actually used to be my undercover name (as admin) in some shooting game server (magnoon.eu)

Then I liked that name more then my previous (avaritia) and I decided to keep it.

and it's funny how english people pronounce it


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My name, wow..

Before I registered on the forums, I wanted to come up with a perfect name

I knew that I wanted to be a Dr. Something, and that it needed to be unique and memorable - That kind of rolls of your tongue. After much a long time of brain storming on the train with Peon, we settled on Doctor Minky, just because I really liked the sound of it.

The lizard thing was just literally the first thing that popped into my head when I sat down to draw a profile picture

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I've been called Kefe since the first grade. It just stuck with me, I guess.

I started using Kefeus, because Kefe started to become a bit boring and "Kefeteus" sounds like fetus. For a short time I was "that guy whose name sounds like fetus."

Wasn't too fond of that.

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I always said your name keff eh toose. Like Zeus :D

My name spawned from fury at the amount of registered nick names there were on minecraft. All my usually in game names were taken. I was watching the tv show Chuck at the time and found the nick name Captain Awesome pretty cool, but too narcissistic, so I tried for awesomeo (From a south park episode) and all variations on that. Awesomeo_5000 was the first to be available, but in my haste I didn't capitalize it and it forever haunts me.

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After using name made of clan tags only (lol) I decided to get a 'real nickname', but didn't manage to figure out anything 'clever' so I just made shorthand of "Made in Finland", and I used MiF for quite a while. Then when Black Ops came I had to add some letters to it (min. 4 characters in name, otherwise it screwed up), and I changed it to "Miffy" since some [lol] guys always called me "milffy". I recently changed that a bit too since quite many has that name (plus that character from kids show), so I added touch of Finnish to it, and now it's "Miffyli"

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I've been passing names like cheap cigars, but eventually the name Baconeer came up in some steam conversation ages ago. However, the name alone lacked class and as I am a sucker for alliteratives, Baron was added. The third is there just to make it roll from the tongue more soundly, and three also happens to be my favourite number for no reason whatsoever.

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Well i played css for some time with many different names and none of them seemed to fit me so one day i was sitting in da toilet reading Donald duck and there was this guy named Reiska and i thought hmm why the fuck not, also technonegro had said something about Reiska name cause it went good with the word rapist so i decided to put it as my name and since then i have kept the name Reiska for myself

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