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Minecraft Olympics Build Contest - Entries


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Do not post in here to discuss the contest. That's what the main topic is for.

Submit your contest entries here in the following format:

  1. Names of players that helped build the structure
  2. Map coordinates
  3. Description of your structure, game and game rules (detailed!)
  4. Screenshots / videos

It's your responsibility to keep your entry in good shape before I start judging. So make sure you keep the area claimed and your faction holds enough power.

You can submit entries until July 6th, 23:59 (GMT+1).


Results are in!

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Hello and let me just say AWESOME IDEA xP

Team members are Phoeny Gaybass Nickmac3 Johnk620 and Scorpio87

We have only one rule: No breaking any blocks except for webs

Note You can use any chests you come apon :)

Our Game is a fun and simple game. Its a maze with a hidden chests all through out the map. As you collect chests you gain supplies such as arrows bows armour not all chests have stuff. Once you have made it to the final floor where the floor is ice then soul sand on top to slow you down, you can gather the stuff from the chests in the middle wait for him to make it up there or go down and try and find him and Kill him/her

Cords Are X= -600 Z= 1200

Edit: You can fight in maze because both sides are connected

Edit2: its a two player game





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The Elements Arena Lava VS Water

1. Me, asx_dominate and, survivalguy12

2. X 771 Z 771 lol i know

3. basically u just fight your opponent to the death in a arena full of pools of water and lava there is a blue team representing water and a red representing lava the objective is to defeat the other team.

4. screen shots of the place

1st is so u guys can find it faster thats the out side


2nd is the view from bleachers


3rd is view from red team entrance


4th is view from blue team entrance


5th and 6th are from the chandler seats



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Pacmine! It's a fairly simple game I put together. I tried it in a number of sizes but found this one to be the most enjoyable (though I may recreate and upload the 2 block version as well if that's ok). It is, more than anything, an small but fun game. It's very fast paced and extremely challenging, despite its small size, and takes quite a bit of skill on Pacman's part to win.

X: 240

Z: -130

The game is simple-

  • 3 plays enter the ghost spawn (those three players will be members of MrGreenIW.)
  • 1 player enters the Pacman spawn.
  • 1 player, the gamemaster, will initiate the game by pulling the lever in the obsidian room.
  • Pacman must collect the 4 obsidian torches and return to his spawn (the glowstone) before the ghosts kill him.
  • People will compete until they eventually lose. The number of wins is then there score.
  • Highest score wins.

As are the rules-

  • Ghosts may not intentionally kill one another.
  • No breaking blocks for any reason.
  • Pacman may not harm the ghosts.





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The Olympic Bomberman Games!

Made by: Jadja, Christiaan232, Kyltjeleeuw, Lennyiswaf, Clautje445 and Martijn2901

Coords: X: -1214, Z: 125

Just the simple game of bomberman.

there are redstone torches under the whole arena, so TNT automaticly blows up.

Try to kill your enemys by blowing them up with TNT, or killing them with your golden sword.

There are 4 teams of max. 2 players.

each team starts in his own tower, in the towers are all the supplies you need.

There are hidden chest with food and weapeons.

Theres a big platform above the arena.

this a refill system for the gravel, and can be turned on with the lever in the control house.


- Max 2 people per team.

- Do not bring stuff with you from the outside.

- Do not use hacks/mods like fly and Xray.

- Do not go inside someone else his/her base.

- Do not get out of the arena.

- No allys between 2/3 teams.



(this is 1 without the gravel refill system)


(with the gravel refill system)


(Screenshot from inside the Arena}

Another game we made:

The Olympic Dodgit Games!

Made by: Jadja, Christiaan232

Coords: X: -1214, Z: 125


- Max 1 person per team.

- Do not bring stuff with you from the outside.

- Do not use hacks/mods like fly and Xray.

- Do not go inside someone else his/her base.

- Do not get out of the arena.

- no crouching.

Push your opponent in the water to win.

We made an incredible complicated redstone system:


Pic from inside the game:



The Dodgit building from the outside.

The Olympic Archery-PVP-Games!

Made by: jadja, Martijn2901, Mman25

Coords: X: -1214, Z: 125

Try to kill your opponent by shooting arrows towards him.

You cant kill him with you hands, cuz you are separated by a lava stream.


- Max 5 players per side.

- Do not bring stuff with you from the outside.

- Do not use hacks/mods like fly and Xray.

- Do not pass the lava.

- Do not place/break anything in the arena.

- Do not get out of the arena untill your opponent is

/you are death




The Olympic Swimming Games!

Made by: jadja, Christiaan232, Martijn2901

Coords: X: -1214, Z: 125

Swim from side 1 to side 2 and back to win.

Wait for the ''bliep'' before swimming to the other side.

You are able to turn the lights on and off, and there are lights in the pool that light up when Your're finished/started.


- Max 5 Players.

- Do not use drugs (potions) that make you go faster.

- Clear your inventory in the dressing room before swimming.

- Do not use hacks/mods like fly and speedhack.

- Do not place/break blocks in the arena.

- Do not take flint, steel, lava or fire charge with you in the arena.



The Olympic PVP-Arena!

Made by: jadja

Coords: X: -1214, Z: 125

The arena looks alot like the colosseum. but it isn't!

(cuz the colosseum isn't olympic)

There are 2 teams of max 2 people.

team 1 starts at the entrance.

team 2 starts at the other side of the arena, and has to walk along the stands.

Just kill you Opponent(s) to win.

You can pick out weapons and armor yourself, just be sure your opponents have thesame.


- Max 5 Players.

- Do not use drugs (potions) that make you go faster.

- Do not kill the audience.

- Do not leave before everyone is death.

- Be sure every1 has got thesame starting supplies.

- Do not use hacks/mods like fly and speedhack.

- Do not place/break blocks in the arena.

- Do not take flint, steel, lava or fire charge with you in the arena.




The Olympic Minecart-Racing games!

Made by: Jadja and Christiaan232

Coords: X: -1214, Z: 125

2 players get in the carts, and start at exactly thesame time.

Kill your opponent by klicking the buttons you see.

It looks alot like rainbow fighting (see the game under this one), but theres more redstone stuff, and it's much harder to play.

Once you or your opponent is death, the judge pulls the levers, and the carts automaticly get back in starting position.


- Play with nothing in your hand.

- Don't get out of the cart on the track.

- Don't hit your opponent with your hand/item.

- Don't take stuff with you from the outside.

- max 2 players and 1 judge.

- don''t place/break anything.




The Olympic games of spleef!

Coords: X: -1214, Z: 125

Made by: Jadja

Try to kill the other team by removing the snow blocks beneath them.

Everyone starts with 1 diamond shovel (just grab 1 out of the chest in your starting ''room''

I know its a very small arena, but thats because I didn't want to make the playing-time too long. (and the map restart was in 1 1/2 hours)





The Olympic Tree-Jumping games!

Coords: -1214, Z: 125

Made by: Jadja

My original idea was ''Mushroom-Jumping'', but for some reason they weren't growing :S

So now it is ''Tree-Jumping''!

just jump from tree to tree, and try to reach the end without falling into the water!





1 last small game:

The Olympic games of Rainbow Fighting!

Made by: Christiaan232

Coords: X: -1214, Z: 125

Just try to crush your opponent by clicking on the buttons you see.


- Max 1 person per team.

- Do not bring stuff with you from the outside.

- Do not use hacks/mods like fly and Xray.

- Do not go inside someone else his/her base.

- Do not get out of the arena.

- Do not hit your opponent with anything.

- Do not place/break anything.

Just try to crush your opponent by clicking on the buttons you see.


And some extras:

A casino, the maker is unknown.

coords: X: -1188, Z: 125

just click the button rapidly, and wait untill there are bones in all 3.


- Do not bring stuff with you from the outside.

- Do not break/place anything.





the inside

pics of some things we made that aren't games:


the olympic fire.


A big sign with ''the olympics on it'' (try the lever at the fountain)

We also made a giant Olympics logo with the olympic fire underneath it.

We made some random flags on top of it.

We also made the 3 pole-things where the 3 best players will get their medals.


All the arenas (from dynmap):


PS: plz leave a + >>>>>>

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Builder: Sniperstar2


x 23

y 110

z 177

Description and rules:

It is multiple games!1 single layer spleef arena, 1 9 layer spleef arena, a ctf arena, long jump, triple jump, dodgeball, kayaking, throwing, archery, skeet, the temple of doom, and racing! Normal spleef rules, most rules are on ingame signs. The dodgeball is ffa.



the bridges in ctf




ctf rules


pictures on side of ctf walls


long jump


triple jump






9 layer spleef start lever


9 layer spleef side view


1 layer spleef





complicated redstone system for a fully automatic flame arrow launcher


somewhat easy jumping rig


exploding furnace rig


place to put a pressure plate before anyone goes in to play

The whole structure is to large to get in 1 big screenshot, so i can only show the livemap screenshot of it. :(


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The team: only me (moonenboy) :P

Map coords: -889,65,-413

Description: The game is called ShootTheCart there are 2 minecart tracks next to each other so 2 people can ride u get a bow and some arrows u have to break the other guys minecart with ur bow when shooting it the first who loses his minecart 3 times loses have to play in creative otherwise u get hurt by the lava (its decoration lava).

Some screenshots:

the screenshots dont load but pls look at my base its claimed by toxicx

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Name: Catmilk

Faction: NMR

Just a simple Spleef arena and jumping puzzle, nothing special and I don't expect to win

Coordinates: X:300


Rules are simple, everyone knows how to Spleef and the jumping puzzle is self explanatory



Like I said nothing special but might as well enter them xD

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1: ChillysausxD, MiddyMartijn,xpr0legendx,headcrusherxD,uiltje45

2: -x:800 z: 620

3: The Rules are simple you only can use bow+full leather and this is Free For All. You win when all people are dead. this arena got fully automatic doors and there are obstacles.

The olympic game is : archery


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1: ChillysausxD, MiddyMartijn,xpr0legendx,headcrusherxD, Uiltje45

2: -x:800 z: 620

3: The Rules are simple you only can use bow+full leather and this is Free For All. You win when all people are dead. this arena got fully automatic doors and there are obstacles.

The olympic game is : archery


pretty good idea

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Hello :D

The players who built our PVP arena are Ldenby, MegaBananaBandit, Shpotacuz, JuniorPedder and Riaska

Our coordinates are: X -813 Z 521

The only rules to the game are that you must be in survival mode and use the same weapons for a fair match.

Our PVP arena has redstone opening doors, obsticles that come from the floor, and a lava trap. This is to make it harder for the players. These are all controlled by a control room.

There are also spectators windows so they can watch the battle. We have built the arena in an unusual structure which is very unique.

This is the outside of the base on ground level.


Inside the enterance


Stairs for viewing match




Stairs for players






Arena with obsticles and lava pit activated


Arena though spectators window





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Deathrun! The age-old CS classic, but in Minecraft!


Quert and Frizzy

How to play-

  • Team 1 will select 3 players. These three players will be the deaths for the round.
  • Team 2 will go into the "runners" area with an equal number of people that Team 1 intends to put into the area.
  • Team 2 must make it past the trap and to the end, then kill all of the deaths to win.
  • Team 1 must flip the levers to stop them

ALTERNATE: How to play-

  • 3 people choose death
  • All other enter the runner starting area
  • Deaths must flip switches to kill runners
  • Whichever runner kills the most deaths wins the game
  • If all runners die then all deaths gain 1 point and are swapped with 3 runners. (the deaths hange team to runners and 3 runners change team to death)



  • No 'switch rushing' (flipping every switch on the map to intentionally lose the game for your team)
  • No breaking blocks
  • No killing/harming other deaths intentionally


  • No sprinting (the arena was made so that sprinting wasn't required due to its bugginess in SMP)
  • No harming/killing other runners
  • No breaking blocks
  • No pushing other runners into traps
  • No holding up the round


x: 250

z: -100

(The sandstone is where the entrance is)

Team Selection


First Trap


Second Trap


Third Trap


Fourth Trap (Open at one part to show the inside)


Fifth Trap


Sixth Trap


End of run/Start of fight with death team


Death Room (top floor)


Death Room (bottom floor)


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players that helped: kellyanthony , 101spud

map coordinates: 111,65,298

we have made several games in our base and connected to it.

Main entrance is above the front door on the obsidian ball


from there if you read signs you can find out how to get to all the games


how to play:

-you must be in survival mode

-only one person at a time

-dodge blocks that come at you or you will be hit into lava

-dont break anything



how to play:

- you must be in survival mode

- no cheating /flying

- you can only jump on bedrock not obsidian

- you can go in creative to fly back to start or to your last save point (there is 4 save points)

- dont break anything



How to play:

- 2 teams 1-4 members per team

- one team must leave faction and start another one and enemy MLG

- each team starts at different sides of lava

- last player/team alive wins

- only use leather armour and plain bow

- no hacks, potions, golden apples

- dont break anything



How to play:

- you need 2 teams 1-4 players per team

- no hacks, potions, or golden apples

- plain diamond armor and sword and plain bow to keep a even fight

- each team starts a different sides

- dont break anything




everyone knows how to play spleef

but just in case

how to play:

- you need 2 teams 1-4 players per team (red team) and (blue team)

- everyone needs to be in the MLG faction to play

- the objective is to break the snow out from under the other team players

- use plain diamond shovel

- each team go to different sides (entrances are labeled)




How to play:

- you need 2 teams 1-2 person per team(red team) (blue team)

- no pvp

- objective is to find the flag (purple wool)

- each team will go in at different sides labeled in base how to get to it

- player will count down from 3 than start all at same time

- dont break anything


last but not least a simple game ZOMBIE BALL




how to play:

- use a fishing rod

- catch a zombie with fishing rod and throw him into the lava

- no cheating(if you find a way)

- dont leave the wood block

- dont break anything

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never got around to finishing the outside ring and making it into a huge arena but i thought id enter it anyway... coords re 280 , 1700 . it can be either a simple pvp arena or a mob arena (although there seems to be problems with spawn eggs) mob arena is activated by a lever above the room where mobs spawn... and it is recomeded to fight mobs at night. sorry no screenshots D:

never got around to finishing the outside ring and making it into a huge arena but i thought id enter it anyway... coords re 280 , 1700 . it can be either a simple pvp arena or a mob arena (although there seems to be problems with spawn eggs) mob arena is activated by a lever above the room where mobs spawn... and it is recomeded to fight mobs at night. sorry no screenshots D:

forgot to add - entrants are jellyfish999111 (me only)

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]So we at sphere have incorporated our trademark circles intoa hunger games style arena. Only in this arena there are no corners for you tobe trapped in and there is always somewhere to run.

But no ware to hide.

Builders steve2003, jeffbierer87, totalprincess, captaindragar, blar7, ipown333, architect416, and archtect415

Location x -1216 y 64 z 1300

Four teams of 6 or just 24 people that want to killsomething. Enter the Arena from the top, where you stand in your delivery tube.Somewhat the same as the hunger games you're able to see your opponent thatwill soon be your victim. A lever is polled by the game operator and all 24players fall 80 blocks (Safely landing in the center of the arena). . Killingor surviving which is the challenge? the arena may decide for you, With trapsaround every corner your opponent is not the only enemy. Your choices now torun or fight, Fighting may grant you immediate weapons and armor. But runningmay give you the ability to live and survive. It's your choice.

Game rules

Rule one. Players must enter free of inventory

Rule two. No placing or destroying blocks. (Hopefully thiscan be achieved by land setting arena or game area)

Rule three. Leaving the arena equals death

The winner is either the last player or the last team to survive.













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I' m srroyr but i'm dong this while i a Bit intoxicated. Ok so this is my game it's am arena but wtih TWIST. You can win 2 ways. Kill enemy team or to capture their base. To capture their base you must stay on the control point for 8 secodns or more. But if you get ofr it reset. It's took me a long time to make, 2 dayus, on my own.


No breaking blocks

enter with clear inventry

no killing team mates

If you capture enemy base (ff6 victory music then you win) through through the cp way

if you kill whole nemy team yor team win


x: 250

z: -100



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Grief City

1 : in random order, ari010jaja, blood_stone01, mankefluit, bidzman123 and me (bermbom)

2 : x = 466 z = -550

3 : We have built an 'arena' wich was inspired by a whole lot of post-apocalyptic-genre movies and games. It is a small part of an abandoned city, where players are supposed to fight eachother in a FFA or Faction(s) vs Faction(s) battles. We also left alot of possible game modes open, because our main goal was to build a map. A map like you would use in COD or any other FPS shooter. So we built it so it can handle modes like ffa/team DM/defend obj/capture the flag(uranium). Offcourse when we started to brainstorm on this project, we came up with wild ideas. But most of them werent realistic. In a way that it needed constant maintentance (like chest filled with gear that have to be refilled after map use) Or ideas that needed mods to run that the server doesnt have at the moment. So thats why we chose these basic (possible) gamemodes.

For the FFA mode players can enter the arena on 4 sides of the structure (N, E, S, W) via portals. Players can take their own items with them, and use it all except ender pearls. This will make the map realy small, because you can litterally throw yourself to the other side. So no ender pearls! Also the place is surrounded wih glass, so a cowardly escape would be easy with pearls.

For the TeamDM mode players can enter the arena using 2 portals that are opposite of eachother. The rest is the same as in FFA : no ender pearls!

For the defend obj mode players are supposed to fight in a 1:2 ratio. so 1 defending the uranium (in the chest in the reactor) and 2 try and steal it to throw it in the lava. this can be played in a 1:2 ratio, so you can also defend with 2 and attack with 4, or even 3 vs 6 etc...

for the capture the flag mode players can try and take the other teams flag, to bring it home and bring home the victory. In the perfect situation, the flag places should be random (out of like 10 places) in a way that the whole map will be walked on eventually. So there is no actual flag yet. But the towers, and underground places are good spots for them.


top view


road view


Underground view


Interior tower view


big sign view


another top view


and finally a fly through video i captured with fraps, nothing fancy just to give you an idea on how it looks like. The moment im typing this the vid is still uploading, but i expect it to be ready before 23:59 :D


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