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Admin Application - Whimplash

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Game server:




Country of origin:

The Netherlands

Link to Steam Community profile:


Minecraft name:


Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Been around for longer than many might know, but only sporadically and fairly unnoticed. Only recently have I become more present on Minecraft. As a result, people have become more aware of my presence and I've come to know a fair share of users too.

In Minecraft I've already have dealt with a modest amount of "cleaning up" the mess made by people infront of my eyes, while not being able to sanction them personally. And am aware of the functionality offered by this server's plug-ins.

That last part is what made me aply for admin. Being able to warn (or act if necessary) instead of having to clean up behind the griefers (and other scum) while waiting for an admin to handle the individuals.

And i heared cake was part of the job-offer.

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