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Frizzy's Life History

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I was born February the 30th, 1848. The Nazi's had already taken over Santa's workshop and the southern hemisphere was under martian control. I distinctly remember the doctor bring me up and about the spank me. And the moment his white-gloved hand collided with my soft, whiter, tushie everything became clear!

I demanded that my doctor release me immediately. So shocked was he that he dropped me straight onto my head and cracked the ground. I pulled a pair of devilish black shade from the thin air and but them on tiny and adorable little head. It was at this moment that my life was forever changed. Martians, Nazi's, and even a few Nazi Martians burst through the door! I remember them taking aim and firing as I dived at the front one, a karate kick to the face. I didn't stop there, spinning my legs around me as I landed to trip up a few others in the doorway. I immediately back-flipped behind one of the few remaining men standing, breaking his neck effortlessly in the fall. I turned down the hall way, meeting eye to eye with my arch nemesis. His small, big headed, green frame stood straight in his brown tench coat-like uniform. His raven black hair parted at the middle and he stared at me from behind his toothbrush moustache with eye the size of rugby balls.

"Mawshian Hitwer..." I gasped

He fired a telekinetic burst, blasting me from my feet and out the window.

Fast-forward 6 years, to the French Revolution. Louis was there at the guillotine for heinous crimes against society. His wife's spendings on the cheaply manufactured goods of the mole squirrels being far too high for the populace. And that's not even mentioning their intergalactic policies with the space gingers! I know it sounds strange, but that's how things worked back then. But I digress.

I swooped in from the side in a desperate attempt to save the mortally-endangered monarch. But I failed once more as I watched my arch nemesis drop the guillotine on the one man that dared to oppose his regime.

Age fourteen, I met the love of my life. Never before had I thought so highly of another living being. We spent every day together, in each other's arms at every chance. It was a feeling greater than any I had ever felt before. It was a glorious, harmonious relationship that no person doubted would last for less than an eternity!But one fateful day, as we kissed under the pale moonlight, her true form was revealed.

My arch-nemesis once more stood in front of me, laughing maniacally. I was devastated. I remember it so clearly, his stork-like walk as the evil beast made his way back to his flying saucer.

And here I am now, searching the internet for an army of able people. Those well equipped with knowledge, strength, or a sense of justice! So far I have been completely unsuccessful. But one day I will rise up against the Martian tyranny and face my nemesis one final time. We will do battle upon the Eiffel tower. And what a glorious battle it shall be.

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