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After I'm done judging the build contest entries tomorrow, the server is switching back to Faction Wars, however there are some changes to the game this time around.


Players can no longer place (or break) furnaces, brewing stands or enchantment tables.

However, these special blocks can still be found on specific places on the map. You'll need to fight for control!

Faction power per player is now 4 points. You lose all 4 points when you die (minimum -4)! Regeneration is still 0.2 point per minute.

Max faction power is 16, so more than 4 players in your faction won't allow you to claim more land (however they can help maintain your faction power if someone dies)

The map pre-generated using the custom 'Tropic' world generator. 2000 radius WorldBorder. Important locations will be marked on the live map.

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Maybe you should make the furnaces unclaimable, so they become spots of great violence.

I'd love to see a furnace at spawn and looking at the people going to the furnace to smelt 5 iron at the start of map and seeing newbies punching everyone xD

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Everyone knows that everyone will play this map. It's three weeks, most of our player base consider suicide when the server's down for more than two hours.

Whilst on paper it might not excite you all, why don't you hold off making a decision until you've played it? The entire dynamics of raiding are going to change, you're going to have to think (what!?) about your base design and location, because one wrong move leaves you very exposed.

People are going to be stuck in poor armour, you're going to have to fight for the right to party smelt iron for tools to mine diamonds. And even if you manage that, there's no fancy enchantments or potions to make you more powerful than the next guy.

Try it out. If you still think it's crap, fair enough. At least you've gave it a go and have weight behind your opinion.

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What's the point in the shop item where you can get a furnace, brewing stand and enchantment table? Also will this be in any of the new worlds?

and also,you can just buy iron armor from the gc shop too.

you were not supposed to say that you idiot. ;( anyways we will dominate all since it will be difficult to get enchantments and potions now. :)

EDIT: we might have a problem to get an iron pick to find diamonds....

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Furnace Towers will be quite abundant, with 20+ of them scattered around the map. They're located in a warzone chunk so you'll have to build around the surrounding area if you want your private furnaces. Otherwise, prepare to defend yourself while you're cooking. Making alliances (or splitting up your faction) might lead to more effective strategies.

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What about peaceful factions?

Peaceful factions just straight out wouldn't work with this, but then if you were to give them the power to place furnaces then it could easily be abused

Disable peaceful factions if you've not already

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The items should still boost your own player power. I'm not sure if it boosts the 16 max power per faction.

Also, note that I will be walking around the map from time to time hunting players with my bow and arrow. You can try to kill me to get some nice loot :P

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