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What was the first game you played?


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The first game ever was actually, if I recall, was Pokemon red. I was so young I ended up using a master ball on a Magikarp xD

My first game on PC, however, was Team Fortress 2. Waaaaaaay back in beta. I wanted to get it for xbox, because I didn't even consider a PC for gaming at the time. But seen as how I had 0 chance of getting Xbox live and was very impatient for its release, I decided to use my really bad computer to try and run it. It was laggy as balls, but I had tonnes of fun. It's actually what started me PC gaming. Thanks, Valve. :D

CoD when you were 2? :blink:

my first was Commander Keen B)


I made a Minecraft skin for that guy :V

(it was kinda rushed)

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I think the first one was Doom, followed by Quake and the Half Life series. I also had an unreasonable amount of fun on Soldier of Fortune. Me and my dad always used to play go-for-go so when one of us died we'd swap over. Oh how life was simple :D OO and Operation Flashpoint and Delta Force.

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