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Hi, made this thread as its easier to keep track of things than backlogging statuses.

I was wondering if anybody here goes to the university of Art and Media Technology of the School of Arts, Utrecht (in Hilversum), its a big place I was looking into potentially studying (if I went to the netherlands)

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I think you'll have a hard time finding anyone in here. Was this topic meant as general uni talk or just your question?

Planning on doing my master Game & Media Technology at the Utrecht University in 2013 btw :V

Just have to finish two more courses of my bachelor and I'm all set.

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Well, I was not planning to have anything to do with gaming/games/media for my uni. I was thinking to have it to deal with relations & economics, tho sounds a bit boring at start tho. I still think it is somewhat interesting to do economic relationships between countries.

Speaking of going in an university like your's minky, I don't think I will get much fun with it. I would get bored with it quite fast.

I was going to study in Brussels btw, so if you, Minky, will actually study in NL, then why not meet? :V

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You pay like 1771 euros for a year. If you don't finish it at once, but need more years you have to pay a fine of 8000 euros. You can get a loan for it, which you will pay back when you find a job.

There is no goverment party that wants that fine, nor the people that live here, heck, it's not even needed according to economists. But still it's here and it will be for a while unless our stupid goverment does something radical.

In order words. Don't go here.

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The fine is 3063 euros, not 8000. You pay it on top of your college fees so if you finish earlier in the year you only have to pay a part of the fee. Plus the fee only goes in effect if you take more than 1 extra year than the standard years needed for your study.

And at this moment the politicians are debating whether to cancel the fee altogether before it goes into effect coming September. It might be dumped at the last moment which would be great for me, since it'll save me quite some money :V

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