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So it's the first few days of the map in 1.4.2, I'm all excited for the new things. I spend more hours than I should have been playing grinding. Finally today I get full protection 3 and 4, and a sharpness V fire aspect II knockback II sword thanks to the anvil.

I walk to the spawn across map, about to start raiding people. I walk away a hundred blocks or so, then it says my cloak dropped. I look around, see a skeleton and I relog so that I don't have to wait a minute to cloak again. Then I log in to find that it was an armor-less person who had punched me a single time after following me. I die from pvp logging and the newbie gets all my stuff then he logs out, giving me no chance to recover it.

I swear this kind of thing happens like every map to me. I'm pissed.

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That's some shit right there. But ill lend you one of my sharp Vs :D

Btw, why dont remove the current pvp log plugin and add combat tag. cause its working fine in 1.4.2.

Because sometimes you have to relog in pvp ( variated reasons) but it really sucks to instant die if you lost connection or had to relog in battle.

Back to the topic:

For the loss of the Yggdrasil blade, we shall not forget.

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That would be funny if he crashed and was using direct connect, lol. Today I lost my pro 3 armor and sharp 5 sword named thunders roar (FTW) :( sad day cause the iron armor noobs from the joker surrounded me :( 5v1 and I can't count how many pots they threw lol. I went down like a true minecraftian. Hope this makes you feel better...

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I don't freaking believe it. It happened again :wtf:

Raiding with full protection IV, sharp V, and fall off a ledge and die and a newb with nothing gets everything :rip:

Edit: Came back and killed the guy who got it with plain iron gear :) Thank goodness I have my stuff back XD

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