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Gmod Contest! Contest 6: "Assassination"

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"This, is the man* I want you to assassinate. Do it in any way pleased. If you do it well, you will get payed*."

In this contest, you have to make a scene, or scenes, in which someone is being assassinated. You can do it in any way. Funny, serious, gorish, wierd ect.


- One or more pictures *MAX IS 3!!! are allowed for this contest. Bundle them together if you please.

- Blood and gore are allowed. But don't make it sick.

- Not obeying these rules will get you disqualified. End of disscussion.



You will win:

1th price = 1000 GC, and next time challenge chooser! *if you want, you can also make the above picture.

2th price = 500 GC

3th price = 100 GC

The contest ends on Friday, 18:00 then the voting begins untill Saturday, 18:00.

The next challenge will begin on the monday aftherwords.

You've heard the "guy". Get kill'n posin'!

*In GC :P, and * is NOT the man in the picture. It can be anybody.

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Well i would like to say first Sneedbeard and I worked on this together. Secondly the server we were on didnt have CSS and TF2. Thirdly minges everywhere destroying our stuff constently.....we got so pissed off that sneed and i turned into the flamethrower brothers and flamed them till there was no tommorrow.....then the server crashed. We had many setbacks.




First picture there is a line of people trying to assasinate each other while robo is trying to get a soda, although Sneed is just staring at them and aparently...i think sneed made me giving birth :o By the way clavus is doing a sparta kick. By the way everyone has a signature thing weather it was the model, or what they are wearing, or even what move they are using to assasinate.

Second picture is Sneed trying to assasinate Robo, Im doing...sneed what am i doing? and robo is clueless to what is going on.

Third picture: Mayco runs everyone over in a car, He pulled off the perfect assasination....also somehow all the bodies caught on fire XD, Mayco is laughing with that evil laugh he always does.

If you think its crappy just remember we had a lot of setbacks, right sneed?

Sneed: Yes you are correct, and you are awesome i think we should win (Said by sneed himself XD)

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*Warning Picture has been extremely movieliked*

Yes i didnt spend alot of time on the speech, kinda corny now :P

But its meant to be so lol :lol:

Oh and the target is : Some guy who you can decide yourself who it is. (example: ITS MR DARKNESS OMG)

oh and the story is.

Pic 1: The boss gives him the mission to kill him.

Pic 2 : The sniper uses a phone to call the target to see who it is.

Pic 3 : Target seen. hes going to headshot him :V

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