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Why eat diamond when you can feed 'em your fists?


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Post here your best fights, like beating a guy who was in Protection IV enchanted diamond armor with a Sharpness V with your fists and no armor!

Don't see much point in this, but I'll go anyways :)

[epic narrorator voice]

It was a cold, unforgiving, terrifying sunshiny happy day in the desert as I was gathering sand. I had but stone tools, and an iron derp helmet, when I looked up in horror seeing a glowing blue silhouette coming over the hill. I typed "hey buddy" and got a "fuck you" as he came sprinting my direction. I was in unclaimed land, so I took what little supplies I had from my chest and tried to make a run for it. He chased me a good 200 blocks when I ran into a dead end with extreme hills on 3 sides of me. I looked for any escape, there was none. I was trapped. I turned around as he came up to me and typed "die you fucking noob" and he hit me once with his enchanted diamond sword, which knocked me back into the cliff face. He ran up to me about to deliver the killing blow when he accidentally pressed Q and dropped his diamond sword. I picked it up, and didn't even realize until I had it in my hand. I then typed "run noob" as he took off. I chased him 50 blocks and then he jumped down into a cave system desperate to lose me. I eventually caught up to him at a dead end, then typed "no mercy" as I slashed him left and right with his own diamond sword. I got his pro 1 armor and he was carrying 13 iron blocks and 8 diamonds. It was a good start to a new server (not this one).

Hope you liked it :P all was true just enhanced a little for entertainment.

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This is after I lost my god armor to a newb with nothing after an accidental PVP logging incident:

A I the only one who noticed the guy was forcefielding

LOL, I rewatched it and you're right. At 2:13 you can see it. Time to put in hacker reporting topic :P

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