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Your top #5 all-time greatest game developers


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#1 Bullfrog: their games were unique and well made

#2 epic games: unreal tournament was a big gamechanger

#3 valve: everything they make is gold :o

#4 id software: the studio that made doom and quake cant be forgotten

#5 bethesda: they basicly were the first with open worlds

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I usually judge game devs not just by their games, but also how they handle the community. My top big studios would be Valve, CD Projekt (The Witcher series, GoG), Double Fine (Psychonauts), Bohemia Interactive (ARMA, DayZ), and DICE (Battlefield). On the indie front I guess I like Mojang, Vlambeer (Dutch power!), Facepunch ( :V) and Arrowhead (Magicka).

I don't feel like elaborating so just go play their games.

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Valve on #1 yes

Absolutely not. In the last 3 years the only finalized game developed by Valve is Portal 2. Alien Swarm and Dota 2 aren't really finalized games. CS:  Global Offensive is developed by a third party.


Plus their company structure (more the lack of one) really gives it's problems, but may boost creativity though.

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Not in order but...






Naughty Dog (not for their new stuff though)


a special mention to Riot games but they are not really developers due to making and managing one game made from mod of a mod in which they already had the basis already done.

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I really like Wolfire Games. The two main developers are so good at implementing features that just makes sense. Following the development proccess of Overgrown has been lots of fun.


As for the top I'd have to go with Valve/Hidden path for CS:GO and Dota2. The two most polished, beautiful, best balanced games I own :P


And it's not only about the  development of the games either, right? Valve is one of the greatest things that has happened to the game industry if you ask me, and I think most of you agree. They are truly great.

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