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warp. admin abuse

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Hello, I've been playing on the server for a long time and just recently admin warp. has banned me twice for ramming (which it happened btw)
I'm not complaining about that, but he then rammed me lol wtf..
Just right now I was going straight into some barrels at the beginning of a map and getting myself killed, I wasn't blocking, I wasn't even close to the actual race and yet he tried to freeze me with no success i dunno why. He's trying to make me ram someone accidentally so he can 'in his own words' ban me for ever lol.
I don't think admins should attempt to make other players mad so they can ban them :(
I have a few tops in the server and I've been playing for a long while, and I plan to keep playing there. Just saying warp. should act like a grown up. 

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(04:11:38) MrGreenMTA: * L/\nce was frozen!

(04:11:49) MrGreenMTA: *** [RVG][s.A.J]BLAZE joined from Malaysia. [22/128]
(04:11:50) MrGreenMTA: *** 10MrAdriano joined the game. [23/128]
(04:11:50) MrGreenMTA: *** lK1lJANDRO left the game (Timed out) [22/128]
(04:11:53) MrGreenMTA: L/\nce: dont abuse
(04:11:56) MrGreenMTA: L/\nce: ill report u lol
(04:11:59) MrGreenMTA: * DonGato finished (rank: 1 time: 2:29:87)
(04:12:03) MrGreenMTA: * Gientol finished (rank: 2 time: 2:33:61)
(04:12:03) MrGreenMTA: warp.: lol
(04:12:07) MrGreenMTA: * eliseu_olliveira finished (rank: 3 time: 2:37:38)
(04:12:10) MrGreenMTA: warp.: you're abusing as we speak
(04:12:13) MrGreenMTA: L/\nce: i am not
(04:12:15) MrGreenMTA: * Quad_Tube finished (rank: 4 time: 2:46:01)
(04:12:16) MrGreenMTA: warp.: yes u are
(04:12:19) MrGreenMTA: L/\nce: nop
(04:12:19) MrGreenMTA: * zezin finished (rank: 5 time: 2:49:80)
(04:12:21) MrGreenMTA: * [DRuG]NikT finished (rank: 6 time: 2:51:10)
(04:12:21) MrGreenMTA: * wj02_2i finished (rank: 7 time: 2:52:15)
(04:12:24) MrGreenMTA: * MLUCIIFER finished (rank: 8 time: 2:55:25)
(04:12:25) MrGreenMTA: *** L&GxD joined from Venezuela. [23/128]
(04:12:26) MrGreenMTA: L/\nce: if i am then ban me
(04:12:29) MrGreenMTA: L/\nce: ill report anyway
(04:12:31) MrGreenMTA: *** [sGA]martin11 joined from Argentina. [24/128]
(04:12:32) MrGreenMTA: *** [sGA]martin11 left the game (Quit) [23/128]
(04:12:36) MrGreenMTA: warp.: no need to ban you
(04:12:38) MrGreenMTA: L/\nce: k
(04:12:39) MrGreenMTA: * DrogO finished (rank: 9 time: 3:09:88)
(04:12:39) MrGreenMTA: [DRuG]NikT: lance vance
(04:12:43) MrGreenMTA: [DRuG]NikT: 8)
(04:12:43) MrGreenMTA: warp.: I'll just get you blocking
(04:12:47) MrGreenMTA: *** @-Inferno-@ joined the game. [24/128]
(04:12:47) MrGreenMTA: L/\nce: hello nikt
(04:12:47) MrGreenMTA: warp.: and next one is perm
I already gave one chance by banning you for only one day when you were smart enough to block me, and this is how you take your chance? Not changing your childish acts? Reporting me with false accusations?

Tell me, how was I abusive? You were blowing yourself into people that just joined the server so I froze you.. For some reason it wasn't working and even though you saw the message "You've just been frozen by warp." you kept doing it... You're lucky I ignored it...


I don't know what's your issue here, I've been very patient with you, too much maybe..

Edited by warp.
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