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Which TF2 character is you?

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I would like to know which TF2 character you would represent based on your qualities in real life im talking personality wise and such not physical features cause all us interweb nerds would be fast and agile(scout)

My personality would most likly fit, scout spy and pyro. Scout im quick i got legs like a cheetah, i love running, used to be in cross country(a sport for running for those who dont know).

a spy because i like to be in the shadows and scare people when they least expect it, i have no idea why.

I scare at least one person everyday except my brother cause last time, I saw my brother coming to the bathroom i asked him how long he was gonig to be he said he was taking a crap. I ran to his room hid in this cabinet which held up the TV, i listened carefully to know when he was done(listened for a flush :D). I heard it closed the cabinet he came to his room had no idea i was there, he played his computer for about 30 mins then went to his bed to sleep. Must have waited there a whole hour just to scare him, once he started flipping channels i popped out and screamed really loud he got up and punched me in the face then started hitting me while i was on the ground......Worth it just to see his reaction.

I would also be a pyro cause i have always been fascinated by fire, whenever there was a fire i would always play with it sticking things in it, seeing what would burn, what it would turn into after it was burned. But havent played with matches in a long time after i burned my whole kitchen in my old house 5 years ago...got a scar from the fire on my hand. Thank god for insurance or i would still be paying off money till today. Anyways im a pyromaniac even in killing floor that i played 10 mins ago my favorite class is firebug.

Say who you would be then explain why.

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Well dont know i love to play engi , to see how i get uberkills whit my sentry and critical kill spys if they try to backstab me , 70% they fail or i kill them or they kill me, but they die from sentry :)

But personaly i dont find my personality here in this game.

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