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Gheii-Ben's Admin application

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Game server: Zombie Survival

Age: 18

Country of Origin: England

Steam community profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/benthemightyiscool/ 


Ive been playing for a long time now and what with the rise of new players over experienced players I've more often found the need to call in an admin for disputes, a lot of the time there hasn't been an admin available and so we are stuck with griefers on the server unable to do anything about it.


I'm on a lot of the time (is almost the only gmod server i play currently) enabling to help players out a lot of the time. Especially with summer coming up there's going to be more traffic on the server and with other admins going away having more people at your disposal to moderate the server is a good move in my opinion. I think i am a fair an just individual who wouldn't abuse his power. With other admins seldom on the server currently it also makes sense for more trusted individuals to be given admin privileges, not just me people like Duby72 and The Real Freeman meaning there would usually be someone on who could deal with mingebags and undesirables.


I'm sure a lot of regulars would vouch for me.


Hope to hear from you soon



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