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I miss you guys :,(

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I miss you guys and was wondering wjat will happen to zs, are you all still about on here or have yiu all gone ur separate ways D: what do you think will happen to zs, do you think will happen? I know alot of you already think it will just die now we have lost most regs but thought I would ask as I miss you all


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The reaction images are a trademark by Genesis :V


I don't really play zs anymore, because the regs are mainly gone :/ Nowadays i am farming for cases at cs:go (so people get their gifts :V (i also like camping with my awp at de_dust2 :P)) or i play my 50 new other games in my library i still haven't played yet :V








And yes i buy over-rated expensive skins :unsure: (karambit ftw)

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Vacation time is always hard on ZS, im sure it will recover again once vacation is over. I barely play ZS myself atm due to low player count, playing with only 8 players isnt really that fun.

Some erchine asked me to go on zs and sort out a speed hacker the other day. It had 18 people on there playing. But it was 18 happy people. No rage just fun and laughter. I think this is all down to the shitty level system personally. Even Ywa agree's. So I expect he will do something about it when ever. 


'All the players were like lv 8-15'

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Most of the older players are gone, its more or less stagnant.


u wrong, just all old pack of players was borred of shitty zs mod wich was maded by pufag and duby.... they gave us alot of unbalanced shit and worse game play ever..


Can only say about self, i just don't want gave an another try to fucking shit gameplay.



Also i got alot of laugh about new name for zs server.


It's just "UNIQUE" like another thousand servers. crazy.gif

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