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Greetings ! I think you all know me on Mr Green Zombie Survival Server... I am an old player and i have some questions in my mind, right now. Why did Clavus change the collision system, because it is badly made. I have to add that at the moment, you get stuck in every prop, just walking over or near them !Considering the fact that i played on Mr Green Zombie Survival Server since it was patched for no-steam users and it had the old collision system, i have to say, the server is completly different, at the moment !

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Personally, I don't play that much on the ZS server, and therefor I have never seen you before.

The thing is, I like this one better then the previous one. Zombies can actually hit Humans this time. And I have not encountered this. Only getting "sticky" on props. I could imagine that being annoying with all the zombies around. But I don't think Clavus will fix this new system anytime soon.

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Yeah, i remember you, Mosad... great player, great skills ! You are playing aprox. since i started playing on the no-steam patched server .. Well, i have to say, you are 100% right. Besides lag and other problem the server faces, there is one that completely eats the others and that is : the collision system. I don't want to whine about how zombies can't pass through me or can pass or whatever. No! I am pointing out that you can EASILY get stuck in small props (like a barrel, a chair, couch, etc) just by walking pass them. The so called "Frog Jump" is still alive ... and that is bugged !

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You can't dodge zombies anymore,then you're dead if you want to run for your life,but a thing which is a bit bad is that fasties can easily block you if you want to go somewhere,they just have to jump on you and you're blocked,there should be a "lite" collisions with fasties (and no collisions for crab also) cause fasties just have to do a super jump and you're dead then.

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I agree with you all. Also, there is another thing that should be fixed and that it TEAMWORK! Most of the players go outside and try to get kills (solo). They don't want to cade or something, because they know they will waste ammo if they cade. My second proposal is about making an Assist System like in Team Fortress. We all whine about kill stealing/frag stealing. Top crew should think about this (when they have time, of course) and implement this. It would be great ! (for humans and zombies as well)

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Agree Del.

I remember a server where damage = weapons. it makes you actually shoot your weapon instead of making other people waste their ammo and wait until the zombie is shot 30 times and you steal the kill with your fagnum.

Teamwork is non existant in this game sometimes. even the clans (E.U or U.R or Nublin) dont help eachother out.

Especially the LOL I SUICIDE AT START AND PWN 4 HUMANS AND I WAT UNTIL I CAN REDEEM WITH SHOTGUN players annoy me sometimes. (and when they fail they start saying KS BULLSHIT OMG KS NOOB)

75% of the chat = KS messages.

makes me want to turn Chat off or something.

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For the assist thing,why not replace kills by points?Easy huh,but seriously if there is an assist system (which is good),there should be something like that: The guy who killed(but KILLED,not damaged)a zombie win 2 points,the assists(damaged but no kills)=1 point.For the zombies,hmm....Same thing maybe.Well,I dunno,that's just a sh*tty count system XD

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I tried to escape from the zombies and get the ladder up to the humans but then everywere were Zombies and props.

I stucked everywhere, in props in zombies in crap, just everywhere!

Thats so fucking annoying, no human cant escape anymore....

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You dont need to change the colission. its the kill system. its slowly becoming the cancer of ZS (yes thats a bit hard to say)

Example: people let each other die so they can crowbar the zombie that spawns.

Example2: 75% of the chat messages = KS KS KS KS KS KS KS KS KS KS

Example3: Can i kill you? or Let me kill someone! Or FREE KILL PLEASE.

75% of the players think : kills > teamwork.

They dont see that if you work together and get a cade up. you can easily reach 50+ kills.

But instead they go solo and die and scream LONG ARMS LONG ARMS

end rant :P

*not saying you MUST change it, its my opinion that it destroys teamwork*

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The collision system is fine how it is the only thing i dont like is miniture headcrabs blocking you but they dont do much damage anyways so i don't care that much.

The assist system though is what really caught my attention to post in this thread, i think that it would be a great idea and would pretty much end KSing although, it should be like in TF2 where only one person can get the assist and the other person gets the kill whoever does the most damage to the zombie without actually killing it will get the point, 2 assists = 1 kill.

Seriously this would be great to have, it will not only make the server better but it will pretty much end KSing for both zombies and humans. maybe not end it but end people complaining about it.

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The gamemode should be reedited so that everyone can have fun ! I am sick of fraggers (people that go solo, or when in a room, they stay in front of the door to receive frags). Assist feature should take care of that, even if you are human or zombie. Also, good work Ywa on that zs_subway map for making a script that diminishes latency .. but there still is that prop bump problem.

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Oh and people who sit with their ass infront off the cade arent a big problem. i discovered that you can shoot tru other humans.

so those guys only block your SIGHT not your SHOTS

Ok hundred lemme just get a blind fold spin me around 20 times then i will pull out a gun and see if i can shoot you......thats what its like.....except when you got the magnum everything is dead you dont even have to look. :lol:

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Think about the assist system.

This would be "unfair" against zombies because if we get frags by assisting someone everybody would get powerful weapons too fast..

So you have to increase the amount of frags to get upgrades and I believe it's not the best solution...

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