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Demotion and Ban Request for szl (Erdim Vincent)


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Nobody made a topic about this yet so here it is.


Basically a request to demote szl (Erdim Vincent) from admin and ban for cheating and immature behavior.


Gathered information:


1. Degenerating a player.

2. Insulting a player.

3. Immature behavior.

4. Threatening to abuse admin powers.



1. Cheating.



1. Admitting to cheating.

2. Disrespect towards the server.



1. More disrespect towards server.


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I already discussed it with SZL and with other admins. At the moment i dont see enough concern to demote him just yet. If it would escalate in the future there might be reason for demotion, but for the time being there wont be. Feel free to keep your eyes out though.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7teRCcgeOQ the ending mainly interests me

Like I said in the shoutbox earlier. We (or atleast I) usually don't act when someone claims to be hacking/cheating, only when caught in the act or when having proper evidence. Not saying there isn't proper evidence now, but the video you posted is 1. not on our server, 2. not the whole picture. Let's hope things calm down and else I'm sure Damien will make the right decision. :)
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I found szl as a nice guy in the beginning before he became admin, after that he started abuse the powers. Like: Bhop as zombie or human, used noclip to get away from fasties when they surrounded him, called me a nazi or racist a few times, other players as well, spammed in the mic and then when we were playing on swimming pool he went outside the spawn and started to kill them to get health and if someone else went outside and killed as well they've got either slayed or lost health. I don't have evidence of bhop, spam in mic and spawnkillings. Now when he has a second chance, I hope he won't keep doing the same things as he used to.

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this is the only reply i am going to make to this topic


i don't have much to contribute but all admins and players who feel angry towards me can express their emotion on forums if they feel the need to, i'm not going to ponder on about this topic since it'll only start more arguments which are pointless


evidently i am on my final warning so even if i fuck up a tiny bit i'm most likely gonna get demoted permanently which might make some certain players joyous, on the other hand if you still feel the need to potentially start more drama then feel free, mainly because i am not moderately interested in what people have to say about me

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  • Greens

Bare in mind you guys aren't English (No offence to be made here.) so when he says something like he did in that vid. It just sounded to me like he was being a dickhead but in a silly way. So you may have to take that with a pinch of salt. 


But until anything else is proven we have to respect Damiens decisions. 

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  • Greens

Its a bit of a concern since he hasn't been on at all. From what I have seen he is playing on other servers. So I think Damien may have to investigate that a bit.

I personally think he ran off after all the pressure of being an admin so soon after coming back. I mean he was playing 9 hours at a time.

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his name changing has nothing to do with it, he still hasn't showed up on the server since this issue occured.  Even worse all he does is play underpopulated DarkRP servers. He hasn't showed up as Erdim Vincent, Plex (his current name), Szl, or any other name on Mr Green.


Jeremiah, Reiska, and Duby have been far from inactive on the server so I don't know what you mean by that.  



Its a bit of a concern since he hasn't been on at all. From what I have seen he is playing on other servers. So I think Damien may have to investigate that a bit.

I personally think he ran off after all the pressure of being an admin so soon after coming back. I mean he was playing 9 hours at a time.

Pressure of being an admin?  No he left so he wouldn't keep getting shit on for hacking and so Damien would stop getting flak for not demoting/banning him yet
8:55 PM - szl: you can try and get me demoted if you want

8:55 PM - szl: it wont work
8:55 PM - szl: its not because im an oldfag
8:55 PM - szl: we've just come to an agreement
8:56 PM - ก็็็็็็็็®: what agreement are you talking about
8:57 PM - szl: doesnt matter
8:57 PM - ก็็็็็็็็®: kinda does
8:57 PM - szl: nop
8:57 PM - szl: even if i tell you what difference does it make



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  • Greens

I have been busy with college work and my VR project. I have been doing updates quite frequently if you haven't noticed. :L


Everyone is off for the exam season so that's why many people are away. Btw Szl hasn't been on at all as I have been noting what servers he has been on. Its all death run Dark rp and various other things. Also Damien I gave you new data into this inquest and I haven't heard anything back from it. 

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the main problem of this community is the staff itself:
1 rules aren't being respected by a lot of staff members, or enforced (unless you directly disturb the admin moderator etc.)

2 The staff is not being punished as it should be for breaking the rules (*FYI i was a high level admin on a samp server before i stopped playing, the staff there was following a certain pattern , on-duty time and professionalism towards the players actively watching the players to catch cheaters and always a staff member taking your reports in a minute tops, no insulting, no rulebreaking, loss of patience etc.) 

3 the main problem here is (and i will get A LOT OF FLAMING FOR THIS) are the head admins, you guys need to hold a tighter "leash" on your staff, and hire a lot more moderators, but also keep an eye on them for a period to see how they act and behave and also have them be in spectating mode for some time, to be able to catch cheaters (hacking or otherwise).

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