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VR Debate and experiences!

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Hey Greenies


It seems that VR is going to be a big thing in the near future and within the next year or so we will see the first generation of consumer products. Some may know I am a big VR fan and I thought it would be a nice idea to make a topic for people to ask questions and share their experiences!


So I guess I will go first and with the most obvious choice for a game near the top of the list. 




Visually and the feel, its a totally different experience to looking at it on a monitor. It is awesome! I kinda felt really ill after playing 20 mins though. But for a port this was pretty fantastic and a really nice way to look at such a detailed game, in a more detailed environment. 


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  • Greens

Its more of what games/demo's you are trying to run. You could just about run some basic games on low specs. Its around £300 But honestly unless you really want to develop content for it I would wait for next summers release of CV1.


If you can go to a convention and try it out, do it!

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  • Greens

I see, it does kinda suck then from your point of view. I am sure you will come across one! I mean its going to be the next big thing, that's for sure¬! Otherwise buy one now if you are going to make something or wait until next year for CV1. ^^

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