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I've been working on ideas for a new donation system. The new system is based on in-game currency (called 'green-coins' unless someone has a better name) with which you can buy upgrades (like the current extra weapons and stuff). The idea is that player get points for killing zombies, and players, and maybe by doing some other things (feel free to add ideas). Donaters get a bunch of these coins (like 10.000 or so) with which they can buy stuff.

This is meant to give dedicated players a shot at getting the special stuff too, and adding to the replay value of the server.

If you guys have any additional ideas (also for new upgrades, note that they are not allowed to break the gameplay), feel free to post them.

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well i have few ideas ,

1 is an new zombie class like in half life the tiny dog looking thing that does the aoe stomp ,

2 New weapon an machine gun with grenade launcher in it (max 6 grenades , does same ammount of dmg as an smg weapon Grenades are not rechargable)

3 New weapon , an melee sword received at 50 kills , does twice the dmg of an crowbar

4 New zombie thingy , normal zombies " yell " *mouse2" does an tiny screen shake(like wraiths)

5 With enough coins you can decide what pistol you spawn with ( from all pistols magnums etc)

6 With enough coins you can decide what smg / assault rifle you get at the ammount of kills needed (not random anymore)

7 Improved rtd , gives 3 kills 35 health reduces the fire burn . but the explode thingys % is increased

8 Temporal " spawn " immortality (lasts for 5 seconds when you spawn prevents spawn killing for humans)

9 Glory of last human , the last human does more dmg + gets an 30 hp when he becomes the last human.

10 Glory of first zombie , increased health + speed

as far as i know any of these wont interupt the gaming at all, it would actualy make it even more fun

well this is some ill ad some more when i get my idea sprees while sleeping ^__^

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The 'select pistol/smg' thing is not a really ideea, cause when your facing 10 zombies lets say, you dont wait to choose what smg to take =) . (although you can make something like - select mp5 always )

My concept and ideas for this donator only rpg thing :

- players start with 30,000 greenish coins.

- human kill adds 250 points.

- zombie kill adds 15 points.

- you can implement something like !greenshop.

!greenshop items : Useable items : Healthvial - 500 points. Healhpack - 1000. Ammo for pistol/smg - 500/1000. Battery : (one piece) - 1500.

Permanent effect items: (you buy one, and you have its properties) :

Blood of the devourer : increased damage by 20%. - 10000 points.

Running boots : when last human, increase movement speed by 50%, reduce damage taken by 20%. (last human is 500 greenisch coins) - 12000

First Zombie Kit : when first zombie/single zombie - health increased by hm 100% instead of just 50%. - 12000

Old dice : if you buy this item, your chance to roll goodies on the dice is increased (just pop a value in here) - 50000 points.

Energizing pills : gives you a temporal boost in hp ? =D (can you script it :P ?) - 1500

..i'm out of ideas.

I agree with norbo's sword thing (increased damage and attack speed).

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I really think this is a great idea, but I feel that it is very dangerous the concept of a human having more health or taking less damage as last human.. I feel that maybe just the purchase of regeneration or 25 health would be ok..

That's the kind of rewards I'm trying to avoid (so most RobRobb and Deluvas ideas won't be executed). Most rewards will be some fancy things like 'hats' mabye, or the choice of editing your title.

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1. Oh another one! While I was playing zs, I was noticing the water! Humans can't breath underwater right? We could like have a oxygen-mask or whatever to breath under water for humans, which players could buy from 'green-store' or something. But it's only temperature, it can't work forever.

2. A zombie that is called Death Zombie(you can change name), which you can buy from greenstore! But it requires more than greencoins,

like you need to have killed 1000 humans for it. And that zombie is moving fast as a normal zombie, and when it hits a human it'll kill that human immediatly.

3. A bomb(the c4-looking bomb thing in CSS) which you can buy with greencoins, it's expensive, and can be only used in one round each!

It got same damage as grenade, and got a small timer on it.. or you can have it like the bomb back in Infected wars, so when a zombie walks through it, boom!

Or I dunno.. but sad that IW is gone :/

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Seems fun, but it looks like there'll be much for humans somehow.

My first idea: Flamethrower. Max 3 zombies on fire at the same time, or something. But I don't know, something like the Pyro's flamethrower in TF2... (I know it sounds impossible :P)

Second idea: Power Suit! Like, a pretty simple addon model for the humans player model, like the one from Fallout 3. Makes human slightly slower, but gives 150 more hp, or armor, I don't know... and also, weapons are 5 % stronger. May add more stuff, like... it needs recharging, or something. Cause then it's kinda impossible. Feel free to change anything!

Third idea: Nightvision! Simple as that! Oh, also a silencer for weapon.

Fourth: Some kind of buyable Perk things? Like in CoD4, you unlock perks while leveling and stuff, and then you can set three perks. And then it makes a unique skill or something like that. Like... "Iron trigger - Pistols use 5 % more damage", or "Confident Bastard - Accuracy increased with 30%"... I don't know.

Edit: Not just perks for humans. Zombies can have aswell! Like "Ravaging Meatchunk - Speed and strength increased 5%" XD

Fifth: Robots :) I love robots, you love robots. You can buy Drone, Turret, Flashing Drone (flashes zombies like flashbang), and then a drone that leeches health from a zombie, and gives health to human. I don't know, but that'll seem fun XD.

Now over to zombie stuff!

First: Normal zombie cloak! Name says it all. Maybe some time limits are added later, if it's a good idea

Second: Fast zombie IRON FIST! Well... more damage to fasties that is.

Third: Buyable zombie class, called Iron Maiden; it's a pretty slow zombie, with spikes all over it, that hugs a player with the spikes to death. Yes, I took the idea from Resident Evil. :')

Fourth: A buyable brain for zombies. XD It quenches thirst for redemption with one for zombies. Can only be bought once a round, or once every two round. And it have to be pretty expensive too. :o

No moar ideas for now. Hope you like it Clavus. :)


Offtopic: New achievements?

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I should say, dont make any gameplay advantages unless it compensates like:

25% damage increase but 50% slower walking speed.

Appearance things are cool, it gives more difference between people, so they are easy recognicable.

a few ideas:

1. Special holiday outfits/hats : like santa clause suit with hat or just only the hat. Bunny ears for easter etc. and they can only be worn in the month of the holiday :)

2. Temporary damage increase, but gives slower speed: like an increase of 10% and speed decrease of 20% for 5 minutes and cost around 1000 [both human and zombie]

3. If you reach an amount of 10000, you get a special halo above your head. Now you are officialy holy :):lol:

4. Special weapon, if you earn a specific amount in one round like 1500.

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2. Temporary damage increase, but gives slower speed: like an increase of 10% and speed decrease of 20% for 5 minutes and cost around 1000 [both human and zombie]

well this thing would be too op for humans , they can shoot with range and how would the speed decrease do any harm of em if theyr fcamping?

and for zombie , even more speed decrease is bad thing due theyr already slow , and the damage increase wouldnt help almost at all so this thing would only benefit humans

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