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Race Mod / Admin Application


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Gameserver: MTA [Mix]
Age: 14 years and 6 Months
Country of origin: Dutch / The Netherlands
Link to Steam Community profile *: Race

Minecraft name **: Donkieboy

MTA account name (/login) ***: Race
Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: My name is Roel 

I was born in The netherlands, i`m 14 and a half years old, i have Growth Problems of One birth, And i has Dyslexia 

I`m banned 1 time On Mr. green that was my own fault that i SDK swore that i should really do but i have Certainly learned after one year

I want to be Admin on Mix reason i Love This server i play now more as 2 year on this server and i know almost all people i can be active Sometimes in The Morning (Tuesday)  And after school time i can be active in MTA MIX , Also (IRC) i can be online 20 - 25 hours a week and in holiday 30 - 40 a week, And that i can ( Ban hackers Mute Spammers Kick People that are ,Timed Out, Report People and Kill Campers 

but i hope i get mod / admin than i can help this server Much




Roel / Race

See ya!

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