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Matiasz's Aplication (MIX)


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Gameserver: MIX
Age: 20
Country of origin: Poland
Link to Steam Community profile *: none

Minecraft name **: none

MTA account name (/login) ***: Matiasz



I'm Matthew. I began play on MrGreenGaming's server in November September(?) 2014 but i'm not sure. At start I want say I don't want be admin but just moderator (/ killer). I think it's enough long time for killer position. Stahp! Why I want it? It’s simple answer and you probably know it. I want kill everyone who blocking, camping or are bugged. If my English is a problem, don’t worry. I try improve it. :)



Have a good day!

Edited by Matiasz
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Good luck m8

thonx m8


good luck


100 posts kkkk :D

thank you



Good luck but you are smaller insulter.Please don't insult other players cuz you was insult. Nahh but good luck :D

yy.. oh. Thanks.


Good luck Matiasz :)

Thanks Jack :)


Good luck bro :)

Thanks bro :)


Powodzenia ;D

Good luck :)


Dzięki mordo ;D

Thanks :)


good luck

dad ^_^ 



daughter  ^_^

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