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Timed out bug abuse?

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when i rejoin

That's the point here, He doesn't rejoins. so that he can farm GC.

Dude has earned shit loads of GC from this bug and there's no admin online forever. So, Yes, Giving mods the ability to kick should be mandatory.



wait wot? can i farm? Let me join.!

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I never seen him doing that but Maher always tell me to kick him because he is bugged. 

i got it on video cena, he is using his pc ( or laptop ) to time out, then logs in from his laptop  (or pc) with another name (in the video bellow he logged in with cfr:Time-out as nick) and plays to get gc, while his time-out account gets all the gc from sh and dd maps.

then he delogs with the account that was in time-out , changes names and logs in to get gc from both nicknames.

Video comming , i am preparing it (adding texts and highlights for proof).

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Thank u cena and all of u guys for bann me


I were start playing 4 years ago and I never heard any timeout abouse in mta so how I can be a timeout abouse ? I live in india and indian ping around 280+ so if my ping touch on 330 I killed auto and if I killed auto and time out so my nick not kick from server when I join again with same nick crf kalra saab soits error nick already in use so I change nick and enter coz of error if m.not change nick I can't enter thats the reson and everybudy said I use abuse in the moring when admin not there so i tell u I play only morming and sometyms in night so I never planned for this anyways cena u banned me 3 days

After 3 days when I come back its gona happed again coz indian ping high n auto kill time out again anyways u guys not trust me I know but I swear of my god its not abouse its time out server bug believes me.....thanks.....hope u guys understand my words sry for bad english...

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As a person that's coming from the same country you're from I've never experienced this problem. But if you're being honest here then there's only one way to fix this issue and thats by giving the mods some extra privilege cause admins aren't always online on the server.
And for Kalra, Try some connection tweaks perhaps (With TCP Optimizer perhaps) that might help you lower your ping a little bit.

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And eatmychildrn I saw ur reply to sky...u said kalra never rejoin after bug so I tell u I always rejoin after time out with other nick coz I cant use kalra nick.....and this morning when I time out with kalra nick so I joind again with new nick crf sanchit and its time out again....if I do time.out abouse for only gc so why I time out again other nick after kalra time out ?

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Solve your MTA timed out problems and then we'll talk about letting you play. You should know that whenever you get bugged you could use the key combination CTRL+ALT+DEL - Task manager - Finish the task "gta_sa.exe". By the way, everytime I see you bugged, you neither attempt to get out from the game or restart your computer, or you're basically AFK all the times you join the server and when you get timed out everything gets messed up.. 

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dont lie , video has enough proof, you didnt relog, you were online while waiting for your other accout to get kicked, then changed name.

Video is there, no edit, no cuts.

 If i were you i would be glad i didnt get a perm ban , for all the times you bug abused and cost us GC in the process (no to mention us waiting for the map to end when 2 time-outs were on the same time)

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